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The great summer game: here we go!
le-grand-jeu-de-lete-cest-parti - ARTACTIF
July 2022 | Temps de lecture : 18 min | 0 commentaire(s)

This summer, ARTactif is putting its best foot forward. As we love art and artists and we believe in their talents, we have decided to offer you, for the first time, to participate in an exclusive competition: the "Great artistic summer game", which may allow you to win no less than a €10,000 voucher to buy contemporary art. If you are our big winner, you can treat yourself to paintings, sculptures, photographs or drawings on your website dedicated to art in all its forms.

To participate, nothing could be simpler: from today, you will find a flashcode on the ARTactif.com website and in Beaux Arts Magazine that will allow you to access and participate free of charge in the "Great artistic summer game".

All you have to do is go to our site, put in your shopping basket the works for which you have a crush, whatever their price, and add them up, if necessary, to reach 10 000€ of purchase.

So do not hesitate to create your personal collection of works of art on ARTactif.com !


As a reminder: what is ARTactif?

It's a platform that highlights all the artists, known or unknown, as well as their works, on the internet. It is the first online art market place, that is to say an art gallery on the internet, which we don't necessarily imagine exists, being used to strolling in the galleries in town! As in a gallery in town, we put forward the works, in their diversity, their typicity, their beauty, their mystery, so that they do not cease to make us wonder. The artists can contact us and ask for an estimate of their works, which we are happy to carry out as quickly as possible.

The DNA of ARTactif is to give everyone the opportunity to present their art, their sensitivity, their emotions, to share them with the art-loving public. A bridge between lovers of beautiful things. Artists and art lovers have different profiles, which is why we look at and value the works with a new eye each time, because we know that a work of art always meets its public, it is just a matter of highlighting it in the best possible way. We therefore allow everyone to exhibit what they do and offer it to the eyes of art lovers on the internet, and there are just as many of them as there are in "real life". Art lovers have different tastes and colours, and it is this diverse, varied view that interests us at ARTactif.

And to make this beautiful project happen, we have given our site a makeover. It now welcomes you with a new look, colourful, lively. It reflects our image and the artistic touch of the team who worked hard to make it as pleasant as possible for you to visit.

And we're still innovating! Let's test artificial intelligence! Thanks to the latest "Genius" system, by clicking on famous artists that you like, the site suggests works by our ARTactif artists that are inspired by them and that could catch your attention. Because art and technology are now intertwined and city and online galleries complement each other to highlight the work of artists and their commitment. We are also committed, of course, because to propose this project to you, you must obviously be passionate. We are therefore your patrons and we are only waiting for you to present your works to us and thus share your talent and your taste for beauty and for what it says about the contemporary world, with all that it offers in terms of the marvellous, the unusual, the funny, and sometimes the sad, all of which we wish to show you, because art is life, and life never ceases to inspire artists. This is the starting point of art, what human beings live, experience, suffer, and what they translate with brushstrokes, technical gestures, and photo clicks. Art is a vector, a bridge, and we hope to extend this bridge by bringing artists and art lovers together.

It is therefore a real national exhibition that you can browse on ARTactif.com. Artists, while surfing on our site, you will see different spaces, free or paying, each offering different options to make yourself known, in different ways. You can share your biography, your works of course, but also your career, a photo-portrait, your news, the openings in which you participate, etc... You can present an unlimited number of works on our platform and sell them. To highlight your talents, you can describe your works, where they came from, and specify the working techniques you used.

To put ourselves forward in Beaux Arts Magazine seems obvious to us for this artistic game, because we look at art in the same way, we wish to make it known, to democratize it, so that all audiences can have access to beauty, without prejudice, simply by receiving the works for what they give. Democratising art seems fundamental to us and this is our approach. Art is not reserved for an elite, art is ours, for all and for all. And all channels are good for this purpose.

Art is not only to be found in and on the walls. Art is everywhere, all the time and necessarily in our contemporary world, it is here too, on the site ARTactif.com. Let's use the tools we use every day to discover art, appreciate it and sell it.

You now know what to do to please yourself. Take part in our great summer competition and hang new paintings in your home, install that sculpture that will intrigue your guests, frame those photos that come from elsewhere, from another human being who wanted to say something about himself, his contemporaries, nature, animals, the world around us.

It remains for us to wish you a very nice summer, mild, sunny, pleasant and... made of art and beauty in everyday life!

To participate and try your luck at winning €10,000 worth of artworks, go to: https://jeu2022.artactif.com/


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