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Palma / Spain
Artiste Painter

My passion for art began at a very young age. Drawing was always a way to escape and expand my mind. Thus, observing and creating I felt a happier world.  

It is true that art has always been my passion, but perhaps it is not the beginning. They were successful. 

I have training in different areas. Since I was little, I was led by my father's hand to music, playing different instruments, dancing and in some way internalizing that artistic sensitivity that enriched me so much. I finished with degree studies in the musical field. 

At the same time, I have always shown myself interested in human beings, being very observant of what surrounds me, of internal and external beauty, of knowledge of the person and of the aesthetic sense of things in the world. ;s broad meaning. So, I ended up my studies as  psychologist. I learned and I continue on the path of understanding being  human; your priorities,  needs and above all, capture its essence. 

In my work, I try to capture an aesthetic that comes from me most  deep within my being, trying to capture the beauty  that arises from my own thinking and external inspiration.

My studies in cultural management and my various related jobs  always with artistic and human expressions they have given richness to my being. 

My passion for traveling has also been a great influence on the aesthetics of my work. 

I had always observed the importance of harmony in the physical spaces in which I was. A welcoming environment that, from my point of view, was balanced in colors and shapes influenced my well-being. So It was how I was formed in interior design. The study of color, shapes, light, and coherence between spaces ended. to give a point of warmth to my artistic work. 

My styles are very diverse. Drawing was my first learning, going through oil, acrylic, watercolor and then I started painting. to experiment with materials by mixing  I use different techniques with the aim of finding beauty and expressiveness in my creations.

Sometimes I work on commission, since depending on a space I can be inspired to work with different materials, sizes, colors and textures. This way of creating is at the request of the client but always presenting different proposals within my own style and stamp.


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