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Who can register?

ARTactif's services are aimed at any art gallery wishing to develop its notoriety and that of its artists to sell more. Any gallery owner wishing to exhibit the works of his artists to the gaze of 5 million monthly visitors can open a digital gallery on ARTactif.

Without borders, the ARTactif.com site makes it possible to reach a wider public in France and internationally.

Connected to a new market of the future, your virtual gallery will naturally be hosted there on a secure server ensuring the safeguard, inviolability and elusiveness of the creations exhibited. On ARTactif, everything is there only to be seen. And bought. At the price of a Koons?

How to register?

To register on the ARTactif site, click on « Registration » then select « Gallery ».

There are two types of subscriptions: a free version, with various services, but limited. Another paid, with a monthly subscription.

Want to go further?

Discover our « Galleries Pack » which will allow you to present all of your artists in order to increase their notoriety in France and internationally. It's up to them to be stronger than Banksy!

To be more precise, the latter will allow you in particular to develop your visibility thanks to a complete digital gallery, planned to shine even internationally. You will also be able to create a personalized exhibition space, to take advantage of ARTactif´s communication network on social platforms, but also to keep you informed of all current events in the world of contemporary art through access to the press review and ARTactif magazine.

To find out about all ARTactif services, click on « Our subscriptions ».