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Pencil drawing

To know everything about pencil drawing

For centuries, pencil drawing has never lost its appeal among artists. Great masters of yesteryear and contemporary creators use it. Just like painting, a pencil drawing in black or color brings a touch of life to any room in the house.

Origins of pencil drawing

It would be in Ancient Egypt that the first traces of drawing were found, but it would seem that it was among the Romans that the process somewhat similar to current features was initiated. For their drawings, they used a mixture of pigments, bone powder, gum arabic and Spanish white which they inserted into a metal point.

Ink drawing

What is ink drawing?

Ink drawing, or inking, is a technique consisting of highlighting a sketch (often made with a pencil) with a more precise layer of indelible black ink, generally black ink. China.

We then erase the pencil lines to leave only the ink visible, before proceeding with possible coloring.

If we mainly find ink drawing in the world of comics, traditional cartoons and illustrations sometimes use it.

Charcoal drawing

An emblematic artistic expression of black and white, charcoal drawing has existed since prehistory. This tool remains used for its properties suitable for all styles, particularly for creating sketches. Painters and draftsmen, beginners and experienced, find through charcoal a way to express their sensitivity. In order to offer their works to the general public, the ARTactif site offers an official directory of contemporary artists. A true platform for cultural and artistic exchange, the online site offers all authors the opportunity to make themselves known.

The first form of artistic expression

Because charcoal drawing undoubtedly remains the oldest and crudest means of expression, it is also the first tool used in drawing. Conducive in fact to all forms of art thanks to a simple piece of charcoal, prehistoric men already used charcoal to express themselves.

Pastel drawing

The pastel technique has been used by artists since the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci used it and gave it its credentials. He appreciates in this process the fact of being able to give relief to the works.

However, it was later in the 18th century that painters specialized in this discipline. A big name from this era associated with this know-how is Quentin de la Tour. After them, many impressionists such as Mary Cassatt, Édouard Manet, Edgar Degas were also seduced by pastel. Then the Nabis with Édouard Vuillard.

Mixed technique drawing

Considered a very ancient art form, drawing has undergone many evolutions since its appearance. This progress is partly due to the different artistic movements born throughout history. From the emerging artistic movements, mixed media has been and remains to this day the prerogative of several designers. The latter knew how to exploit it well by highlighting the great potential of its use. Many contemporary artists at ARTactif specialize in mixed media drawing. Thanks to their creations, you will be able to view and order beautiful, captivating drawings on ARTactif.

Story about drawing and mixed media

Described to Fine Arts students as the basis of all artistic work, drawing is however far from being a simple foundation. It began in caves and underground shelters in prehistoric times. This form of visual representation has evolved greatly after experiencing multiple changes during antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.