Chris D. art photo
Chris D. art photo
Photographe & artiste digitale


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900 EUR
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Technique mixte
W. 60 x L. 45 cm
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Art digital, photography, fleurs, flowers, visual art

About the artist

Artistic grain of salt

Chris D.'s artistic journey is almost like off-piste sculling. But her traces in the powder reveal a creator different from the vast majority of women. from others on an essential point. Chris D. does not live to compose himself at the cost of a pedigree from meeting to meeting and from exhibition to exhibition. Trace your path through his idea and her rhythm corresponds to her; a vision of art as an aesthetic of life, an art of living.

Even if she has given herself a jaw-dropping joke like Chris D., Christelle Duval seems to care less about titles and medals. She never had the obsession with edge errors, whether technical or mundane. Indifferent to the podiums, she has always preferred to be on the podium. approach art head-on. An article in the Republican Lorrain, an interview on France Bleu... He doesn't need much more to find that life is smiling on him. For what ? Because she says to herself that it's pretty good for an artist to juggle music with “ photography » via a trigger diploma in web design? Maybe. But not only that.

Everything in Chris D.'s journey leads to; to think that, for her, the artist must permanently be part of his human, social environment. And not for the sole purpose of revealing finished and varnished works to the public for the duration of an exhibition. Christelle's art breathes deeply. a different rhythm. Of course, it's great that we're putting this into practice. its provision for its openings at Put a barge, at Basse-Ham, the Captaincy room. But that's not the main thing. It's like always. She works to be well at home every time and feel life wherever you are she is. Wouldn't Chris D. dream of large galleries? white walls or high ceilings more institutional moldings and gilding?

The artist clearly does not confuse honors and evidence. If she does an exhibition in a town or village, it is obvious to her that Madam or Mr. Mayor is there. Christelle Duval has the genius to integrate art into life. He follows her everywhere. Severe; where she is, he is too. Then the local councilor, struck by by the sudden naturalness of this evidence, comes not for it but because he has the duty to come and see the art that comes to see him in his city. We call this putting the church back in the middle of the village. And the town hall is never far away. Casually, Christelle Duval knows how to restore the naturalness of truths lost along the way. She knows the audience. She doesn't forget that she belongs to him.

But why must art be so intimately inscribed in everyday life? their eyes ? Firstly because if we approach photography as a musician, we say to ourselves that when we play an instrument, the notes fly away and enter everyone's ears passers-by. You just have to do the same with the lens that you always take with you to the market. A photographer must do « hear » his clichés all. But that's not all. His art says it clearly.

Combining photography and graphics means taking the world and reshaping it. We start from what exists, taken from life, and we modify it, if we want, to suit our needs. infinity. And then we show the world untreated through art, what it could or can be. The work of Chris D. fits into this gap.

His art has the simple and natural project of beautifying life.