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ARTactif: The first marketplace for the online art, created in 1999

ARTactive: « What if Andy Warhol had gone to the wrong art gallery? »

ARTactif preserves more than ever in the coronation of digital the spirit of innovation inherited from the pioneering times where to put a work of art online could still seem like a preposterous, if not heretical, idea. We burned paintings, painters and drawings for less than that.

In today's equally unforgiving context, ARTactif has remained faithful since 1999 to its original vocation of Official Directory of Contemporary Artists dedicated to each contemporary artist, painter, art gallery... At a time when paintings, sculptures and photos can be consumed free of charge and in abundance on the Web. ARTactif deploys its own canvas, in other words a digital exhibition open to all, an art marketplace. The site relies on its network of artists, painters, art galleries, whom it sees ultimately winning the most difficult battle in which the visual arts have never had to engage: painters , sculptors, photographers and museums. This is why, unlike the purely commercial platforms of its competitors, ARTactif positions itself as an artist site created by artists and for Professional artists as well as amateurs or young artists. Here, we don't just sell paintings and works of art, we show them, we talk about them, we laugh about them, we feel sorry for them or smile about them. In any case, here, art lives. And that is said.

A press review reviews every month with a critical eye the main magazines of the modern art press and contemporary art from France: ArtPress, Fine Arts, Knowledge of the Arts and the Eye. To offer a panorama of the moment as well as to probe the sometimes discreet and subtle places where avenues could well open up for the art of tomorrow, abstract painting, known painting, painter's painting, known paintings. An exhibition calendar offers temporary exhibitions, biennials, openings, fairs and other artistic events. A magazine with Blog is working to create the only solution for a movement to have a chance of emerging: interactions with modern art museums, collectors, galleries… On the painter artists side, the solution can only come from a movement of which there are unfortunately too few and too diffuse for several decades now. Hence the importance of a digital platform dedicated to artists of international dimension which supports this crusade, in order to give each and every artist on the site more than just a quarter of an hour of Warholian glory in the history of art.

The public, like galleries, of ARTactif feels this difference in entry which adds soul to the state-of-the-art ergonomics of the selection assisted by artificial intelligence “GENIUS”. To reassure fans of famous paintings like Koons, Vinci or Doisneau to whom they are will present the works from the site that they should like the most. You enter one to three references into the machine and the visit to the private gallery can begin. Everyone is free to love this major art like Picasso, Caravaggio, Rothko and Basquiat, Baselitz, Calder and Duchamp or Cartier Bresson, Rheims or Depardon. Go straight to what you like and also the shortest way to avoid what you like less. The art of integrating the subjectivity of public tastes into the visual ergonomics of a website.

ARTactif has worked since its creation to help artists make a name for themselves by presenting their artistic creations to as many people as possible. This communication tool is also naturally intended for the more than 2000 contemporary art galleries which are members. Its “directory” business model plays an essential role in the meeting and relationship between contemporary artists and galleries in the art world. Like member artists, galleries can exhibit their artists and their works in a digital gallery without space limits and throughout the world. A showcased artistic creation that ARTactif also offers them on social networks. The bridges continue with the myriad of small integrated services offered to help contemporary artists to better show their works and… to sell better. From the auction, the estimate of the work to the writing of reviews and biographies, including the personal sites of artist and/or artist books. Open to life at 360°, the ARTactif art center likes also get a breath of fresh air for all styles: Pop-art, street-art, abstract, realistic, and all techniques: photography, sculpture and abstract painting. Even if it means building a marketplace under the ARTactif pirate flag!

Because in the 21st century, it is within oneself, as well as facing the world, that contemporary art is found.