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Sylviane Bernardini was born in 1957 in Normandy and has lived in Alsace for more than 30 years. This visual artist has not followed any academic course and asserts that she is at all costs its independence, its autonomy. Since a young age, she has been passionate about drawing, a passion passed on by her father. Over the years, his thirst for creativity grew. encourages him to explore other forms of expression. This is how she tries to make a statement. watercolor, oil, then add to it. acrylic. But she feels the need to work on volumes and is eager to confront working with the land. She then plunges into this new expression with passion without any apprehension. Sculpture becomes his core business. Her lively and sensual style asserts itself from the start. across the earth. From her sculptures, she gives birth to women with generous shapes, sensual attitudes, imbued with freshness and reverie. The lace effects, rhinestones and other accessories ensure extreme femininity. of each of them. And its tenderly entwined couples evoke eternal and passionate loves.

In 2008, she enrolled at the Maison des Artistes and then participates in; numerous exhibitions in the Grand Est and Over-the-Rhine.

In 2011, in collaboration with the town hall of her village, she created; a biennial exclusively open to Bas-Rhin artists, « art67 », whose objective is to promote local artistic creation.

Sylviane Bernardini thrives in creation, whether in sculpture, painting or the creation of jewelry. His art is above all a hymn to; the woman, love, a poetic evocation that touches on both our senses and our mind.


2011 - Lions Club Vittel Eaux-Vives Prize - Arts Inter Vitte

2009 - Prestige prize from the city of Cernay

Collective exhibitions: 2019 - art67 - La Biennale des artistes bas-rhinois (67) 2017 - art67 - La Biennale des artistes bas-rhinois (67) 2015 - art67 - La Biennale des artistes bas-rhinois (67) 2015 - Klingenthal arts workshop (67)2014 - Arts in the street Wissembourg (67) 2014 - Sophie Peirani Creator (67) - Sculpture exhibition 2014 - Media library of Mundolsheim (67) 2013 - Council of Europe in Paris Strasbourg (67)2013 - art67 - The Biennale of Bas-Rhinois Artists (67)2012 - International Salon of Painting and Sculpture in Vittel (88)2011 - art67 - The Biennale of Bas-Rhinois Artists (67) 2010 - Art\& #39;Heim Haguenau (67)2010 - Rue des arts - Barr (67)2010 - Art in the heart of Europe - Illzach (68)2009 - \"The easel of \'gold - Cernay (68)2008 - 5th edition of the Salon des arts \'Art\'Heim\" - Haguenau (67) 2008 - Betschdorf Pottery Museum (67) 2007 - 4th edition of the Arts Fair \"Art\'heim\" - Haguenau (67) 2007 - 4th Salon des laureates of Horbourg-Wihr (68) 2006 - 3rd Franco-German art exhibition - Galerie Schwarzer Ritter - Schallstadt-Wolfenweiler (D) 2006 - Art exhibition - Ottrot (67) 2006 - 12th Salon of Painting and Sculptures - Colmar (68) 2005 - Salon des 40 - St Louis (68) 2005 - Salon des arts \"Art \'Heim\" - Haguenau (67)2004 - Collective exhibition at \"The Barn\" - Weyersheim (67) 2003 - 1st Franco-German Salon of Baden-Wüttemberg - Riegel am Kaisersthul (D) 2003 - Salon des Laureates - Horbourg-Wihr (68) 2002 - ARTECOM Competition - Schiltigheim (67) p>

Personal exhibitions: 2013 - Strasbourg - \"The embijout body\"2012 - Strasbourg - \"Divas\" at the Café of the Opera (Paintings)2007 - Duttlenheim - Exhibition \"And more in body...\"2006 - Strasbourg - Exhibition \"In body and again\"2004 - Obernai - Salle des Saints patrons2004 - Sélestat - Salle Ste Barbe2003 - Duttlenheim - Salle LandsbergSpecial orders: Claud JUND jewelry workshop at Strasbourg -

Creation of earthenware busts for the presentation of jewelry in windows; Creation of trophies and medals: Trophy of the Sports department of the General Council of Bas-Rhin Youth and volunteer trophy - Youth and Sports Alsace - Master Bas-Rhin Youth and Sports Award Trophy of the Sports Festival - spring 1998

Artistic approach

Pleasure and passion

Sculpting and painting are part of me. If I don't create not with my hands, I am lacking... Creating is necessary to create something. my balance.

When I work, I forget everything. In the privacy of From my studio, I isolate myself for hours, to indulge with pleasure in my work. my passions and creation.

An intimate and personal journey

It was with my father that I learned to draw. the graphite mine. Both passionate, he gave me my first weapons. I am prohibited from tracing! I have to work "without a net". We draw portraits of women, Hollywood actresses and actors. And all this work has paid off. its fruits.

Alone, but aided by precious works, I continued with watercolors, then watercolor painting. oil and finally sculpture.

Senior and persistent self-taught, my work is outside of fashion. I affirm that at all costs my independence and my autonomy against passing fashions. To the provocative bodies with which our eyes are saturated today by advertising and cinema, I prefer the timeless, the figurative, the naked without provocation, sensuality.

A particular attraction to portraiture and the human body

It was Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel, but also the works of the Renaissance that inspired me the most. So much emotion in these often monumental works, it’s captivating.

The rest of my inspiration I draw from museums, exhibitions, opera, cinema, magazines, and everyday life.

In painting, it is especially women's faces that I like. The look is intense or languorous. They are not afraid of the gaze of others. They are sensual and fully feminine.

Being of Norman origin, maritime and beach landscapes are also fascinating.

I discover and introduce myself to sculpture thanks to the earth and I finally express myself in 3 dimensions.

I always have this fascination for women, the human being and I give to that. my creations have a scale, a gesture, a poetic evocation which touch on both our senses and our mind.

Over the hours, I like to bring them to life, whether they are naked or adorned with beautiful lingerie. They often look down, as if surprised in their intimacy. These are intimate and glamorous moments.

Then come the tenderly entwined couples, of a sweet sensuality, all in voluptuousness; and finally the felines, the bulls, the bears, to name but a few. both powerful and touching.

Exposing yourself, a “risky” pleasure, but enriching and shared

Offering your work in the eyes of others, the public or other artists, can be trying and destabilizing. Not everyone has the same view on a work. What we feel is not often perceived in the same way by others. Criticism is not always positive, but often constructive.

But exhibiting is a necessary act to progress and assert oneself.

Exchanging with the public during an exhibition is motivating, fulfilling and rewarding.

It recharges my batteries and encourages me to continue. continue my efforts to improve.

I thrive in creation. And when I succeed in to share the emotion with which I imbued my life. my sculpture or my canvas, I have achieved my goal.

Although the acquisition of a work of art is not a priority, I remain convinced that through the emotion it arouses, beauty is created. that it exudes, it brings a part of reverie, of purity, a moment of escape and calming.

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