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Film photography

What is film photography?

Film photography is a photographic technique allowing you to take photos and develop them on paper

Since the 2000s and the appearance of smartphones, this process has gradually given way to digital photography.

The term “silver” takes its name from the composition of the films used in this technique, since silver molecules are found there.

Digital Photography

When we think of photography, we directly imagine a work of digital photography. However, while digital photography is the de facto standard in photography today, it was not always this way.

The history of photography in a few words

An Iraqi scientist created the first camera in history, the camera obscura, in the early 11th century. The first surviving photograph was taken in 1826 by a French photographer, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, who used a portable camera obscura to capture the iconic image known as the "Point de vue du Gras."

Mixed technique photography

Mixed media in photography

As a result, mixed media or mixed media art has become increasingly popular, with artists seeking to use different artistic genres to elevate their work to new heights. It is possible to adopt the mixed media trend, whether you are a ceramist, designer, painter or other. But today we're going to look at how photographers can use their photographs to create mixed media works.