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Who can register?

The site is open to all professional and amateur artists as well as galleries and art buyers. It is free to access for artists. ARTactif is Art with a capital A and a small. The 1st art sales site in France offers all painters, designers, sculptors, creators and gallery owners the freedom to present their works and/or sell them to buyers from around the world via a payment platform secure. Frequented by some 5 million monthly visitors, ARTactif.com gives artists and galleries the opportunity to develop their notoriety through professional digital communication.

You are an artist and you would like to make your work known on our referencing platform? Nothing could be simpler! All you have to do is register. To do this, we explain everything below!

How to register?

Click on “Registration” and select “Artist”. Create your artist profile with last name, first name, artist name, telephone number, email address… Add your portrait and, if desired, a photo of your most emblematic work. Click on “Finalize registration”, once all this information has been provided, you are registered with ARTactif! Like Soulages, Indiana and Cocteau! But also Lavier, Bruet, Piana, Adrar or Zilinski .

Cost of the service?

Free! In fact, it will cost you nothing, apart from a few minutes, no more. However, it will bring you a lot! Thanks to your subscription to our online directory, you will be able to join our large community of ´artists and enjoy many benefits, such as:

Your portrait, with a photo of one of your works, online. A space to present yourself and highlight your biography. An alert system when a visitor likes one of your works . Access to internal messaging in order to communicate with gallery owners, but also other artists or potential clients. Access to the ARTactif magazine, its auction site and its Pop Store.

Want to go further?

Do you want to sell your works? Do you want to make yourself known by communicating more? Or do you doubt your own artist's website to bring together all of your creations on a secure server? Very Warholian, all of that ! Discover the subscription plan that best suits your needs by clicking on « Our subscriptions ».