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Martine MENARD
Paris / France
Artiste Sculptor
Martine MENARD

Martine MÉNARDI started my designer career with Givenchy, Dior, Balenciaga. In the late 60s' I created my own label “M.G. Store” which was distributed in a trendy Saint Germain des Prés store. I then chose to become a freelance designer for French, Canadian, Italian and Hong Kong industrials. All along, I was passionate for color and textures which I never ceased to research. It is therefore very naturally that my years of research and passion found a new form of expression when I started my new life of ceramist in 1997 with Georges and Rocio Vinaver in Gustavo Perez Mexican workshop.I very quickly found my trademarks by making pieces as thin as eggshells under the direction of Yoland Cazenove and perfected Raku's technic in an workshop with Dauphine Scalbert.The acquisition of a ceramic kiln enabled me to give way to my flourishing creative inspiration. This rapid rise in production has been heightened by the very positive reception of my work. Although being a “young ceramist”, my inspiration has been nourished by decades of research around colors, materials, shapes.Since then my creations have been exposed numerous times, been published in magazines, sold in decoration stores, galleries and international exhibitions. Creative IntentionCeramic is the natural outlet for my years of research and the thread of my life of work. Colors, textures, light. I've always been fascinated with colors and textures. This passion I developed during my designer's career has been nurtured with numerous travels in Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, Africa. Travels during which I candidly explored the world around me but also the continuous presence of masters such as Sonia DELAUNAY, HARTUNG, SOULAGES, HANTAÏ. The legacy of these explorations has been colors, nuances, mass, granularity of their work mixed with other emotions nature and the discovery of culture offered which I grapplet avidly.I forget everything to reformulate these inspirations in the way I mix glazes. Creating reliefs with vegetal and mineral prints or by hand participate to the elaboration of materials and surfaces. It keeps glazes and gives it depth and poetry, like the scintillating breaking of anthracite block declining different shades of black. Black glaze, grey-brown, “ plissé Fortuny”…. Powdered, red, shades of grey, metallic aspect, colors and depths of sea, lagoons inspired by aquatic ondulating plants.All this work is made at the breaking point. Confronting evolution of material from clay's rigidity till earth's suppleness. I also love to watch the infinity of white clouds taking and losing shape with the wind passing through the blue sky. It is maybe during this daydreaming hours that I find the strength and freedom of my creativity in ceramics.MATERIALS USEDPorcelain from China, Australia, Austria, Limoges (France).White smooth sandstone and smoothed.Smooth earthenware and earthenware smoothed.Glazes are mixed following traditional recipes that I reinterpret for their application. DESCRIPTION OF THE TECHNIQUES USED Porcelain, sandstone and earthenware are fired in an electric kiln in my Parisian workshop situated in Le Marais. The first fire of earthenware, the "biscuit" at 1080 ° whereas the glazes fired at 980°. Between the two fire, sandpapering, in order to obtain a smoother touch.For the realization of my pieces, I proceed by modelling, stamping and I then I engrave prints on surfaces. My inspiration is mainly organic. I tend to use more and more porcelain, biscuit sculptures and "installations" for "Land art" exhibitions.EXHIBITIONS2012 TERRES D’ALIGRE PARIS 75012Journées des Métiers d’Art PARIS 75004CARACTÈRES Paris 750052011 HOUSTON « GO WEST »U.N.E.S.CO. « GO WEST » Paris 75007« LES EPHÉMÈRES » Exposition d’Art Contemporain CHÂTEAU-LANDON Exposition collective« L’EXPOSITION » CHÂTEAU-LANDON Exposition collectiveMILAN SALON INTERNATIONALJOURNÉES DES MÉTIERS D’ART 75004 ParisTAPIR. TERRES D’ALIGRE 75012Galerie Philippe GÉLOT 75004 ParisCatherine MOREAU. Bijoux Paris 75012 2010 Atelier porte Ouverte Paris 75004Galerie Philippe GÉLOT Circuit Céramique Paris 75004Galerie Rue Jacob 75006 ParisCatherine MOREAU Bijoux Paris 75012LA FORGE SUBTILE Paris 75006TERRES D’ALIGRE. Art de la Table 75012CASAMANARA Fontaine murale MonacoDROUOT CÉRAMIQUES ET VERRES Paris 750092009LA FORGE SUBTILE Paris 75006CASA MANARA , MonacoESPACE JEAN DE JOIGNY, Joigny. Exposition personnelleHONG KONG. Exposition personnelleGALERIE TALBOT Paris 75006 Exposition personnelle2008DROUOT . CÉRAMIQUES ET VERRES ParisSAINT BRIAC Exposition collectiveS.E.MA. « Atelier Portes Ouvertes », Paris« JAPONISME » Saint.Cast le Guildo Exposition personnelle.FLAPPEVILLE. Exposition collectiveCHÂTEAU GILLES DE TRÈVES. Ville/Saulx Exposition collectiveASIAN ART DE VIVRE Paris 750042007« L’ATRIUM » CHAVILLE Exposition personnelle« Galerie ANAGAMA » St Germain en Laye CollectiveGalerie MÉDIART Exposition personnelle Paris 75004« NUIT DES ARTS ET DU MONDE »installation Ephémère Paris 75014« LES EPHÉMÈRES» Land Art Château-Landon Collectif« LES PIERRES SONNANTES» St Cast Le Guildo. PersonnelleJOURNÉES DE LA CÉRAMIQUE Place Saint Sulpice Paris 75006KERAMIK MUSEUM Bijoux Westervald Allemagne Collectif« LES JARDINS», Gilles de Trèves, Ville/SaulxFLAPPEVILLE. Place de la Mairie FlappevilleMARCHÉ DE L’ODÉON Paris 75006« VERRES ET CÉRAMIQUES » Drouot Paris 75009ASIAN ART DE VIVRE Paris 750042006 GRAND PRIX DE LA VILLE DE PARIS. PARIS 75001 ParticipationGalerie ANAGAMA, collectif, St.Germain-en-Laye ASIAN ART DE VIVRE. Paris 75004HÔTEL DE SAUROY Paris 75004 Exposition personnelleJOURNÉES DES MÉTIERS D’ART Paris 75004 Exposition personnelleLA FORGE SUBTILE Paris 75006L’ARCHIPEL SUR LE LAC », St. Martin du Lac CollectifDEMEURE EN VILLE Paris 750067° SALON DE L’ART EN MOUVEMENT CourcouronnesBÖ Paris 75004Galerie ANAGAMA exposition collective, St. Germain en LayeGalerie OESTRAKA, exposition collective, BernayDROUOT, Paris 750092005Galerie « AUX TRÉSORS PERDUS » Vernaison St. Ouen1er. Prix et Prix Démesure décerné par « Madame Figaro »« OH !LA JOLIE BOUTIQUE » exposition collective Paris 75012MATIGNON Office du Tourisme. Exposition personnelleBÖ PARIS 75004« JOURNÉES DE LA CÉRAMIQUE » Place St. Sulpice, Paris 75006GALERIE ART 4 Caen Exposition personnelleART-PRAGUE, Exposition Internationale, Prague. TchéchoslovaquieGalerie OESTRAKA, collectif, BernayDEMEURE EN VILLE 75006 Paris « MAISON DES ARTS » collectif, La Marche/SaôneGalerie MÉDIART Paris 75004. Exposition personnelle2003-2004 « AUX TRÉSORS PERDUS», Une Table en Fête, Vernaison1er. Prix « Classicisme » décerné par « Madame Figaro »CHÂTEAU DE BELMESNIL. St. Denis-le-TiboulS.E.M.A. Atelier « Portes Ouverte », Paris 7004MAISON DES MÉTALLOS«Oh la Jolie Boutique » collectif, 75012 ParisGalerie MÉDIART, Exposition personnelle Paris 75004 CENTRE CULTUREL FRANCOJAPONAIS, Exposition Personnelle. Paris 75001 «TERRES DE FEMMES», collectif, VallaurisMATIGNON. Office du Tourisme. Exposition PersonnelleRÉUNION DES MUSÉES NATIONAUX Carrousel du Louvre .R.M.N. Paris 75001MUSÉE DES ARTS DÉCORATIFS. Boutique Paris 75001Galerie Permanentes« CASA MANARA», Monaco “Galerie PHILIPPE GÉLOT” 75004 PARIS « La Palette », Toulon « TERRES D’ALIGRE » 75012 PARIS « ART-STUDIO » 75004 PARIS Gallery M SQUARED HOUSTON

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