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Registration in the directory
Join the tens of thousands of artists present since 1999 by registering for free in the official directory of contemporary artists.
Exhibit one of your works
Create your artist profile and present your artistic work to more than 12 million annual visitors on ARTactif by publishing your emblematic work.
Introduce yourself
Make yourself known by creating your personal artist page complete with your biography and your artistic journey.
Publish your events
Create traffic for your events by publishing in the ARTactif calendar your dates of exhibitions, openings, attendance at fairs and shows, etc....
Communicate on the blog
Exchange and share your points of view, your opinions and criticisms on the ARTactif blog.
Access the online store
Take advantage of grouped prices by purchasing your materials (sketch block, stretcher, paints, brushes, etc.) and edit your advertising tools in PopShop, the online sales store reserved for ARTactif artists.
Exchange on the ARTactif App
New: Communicate with ARTactif artists and gallery owners with the ARTactif application.
Boost your visibility
Thanks to this service, you can now highlight your centerpiece directly on the ARTactif home page. Thanks to this increased visibility, your creation will more effectively capture the attention of visitors, offering them thus a privileged exhibition.
Create your artist book
Always have your works at hand. With the ARTIST BOOK subscription, you can create your own animated digital book. Define your presentation themes and save an unlimited number of works. Your book digital will be viewable and editable at any time, on your smartphone, tablet and computer.
Sell online and at auction
The ONLINE SALES subscription allows you to present and sell at the prices you choose and throughout the world, an unlimited number of works. ARTactif's commission on sales is 20% . Your works may also be offered in ARTactif auction rooms.
Create your personal website
The WEBSITE subscription allows you to simply create, modify and complete your personal website with your own URL (www.moi.com), hosted on ARTactif and benefiting from the international traffic of our marketplace. (No computer knowledge is required).
Publish on social networks
The SOCIAL NETWORKS subscription allows you to be present every month on ARTactif's social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin) through the automatic distribution of your works and your events. You 'you have nothing to do, ARTactif takes care of everything!
Monthly press review
Subscribing to the PRESS REVIEW allows you to access every month the essential artistic information published by the magazines ARTpress, BeauxArts, Connaissance des Arts and l'OEil, seen by ARTactif
Expo Pack
The PACK EXPO subscription saves you €3.5/month. It brings together 4 subscriptions in one! Online sales and auctions + the artist book + monthly publication of your works and your events on social networks + the monthly press review of the main art magazines.
Online Pack
The PACK ONLINE subscription saves you €7/month. It integrates 4 subscriptions in one: Your personal website + online sales and auctions + monthly publication of your works and events on social networks + the monthly press review of the main art magazines.
Certificate of authenticity
Instantly edit an official ARTactif document to guarantee the authenticity of your work. This document confirms the traceability, the name of the artist, the title and the characteristics of the work. If you offer your works to the sale a certificate of authenticity will surely be requested by the buyer.
Biography writing
Have your biography written by a specialized editor. Your bio will help explain your motivations, your inspirations, your references, etc. This descriptive text is necessary to present yourself to your fans or future buyers. It is an essential tool to make yourself known.
Work estimate
If you want to sell your works, be fair. How much are your works really worth? What is the estimated price to ensure the sale of your latest painting? Our experts estimate the selling price and offer you an objective critique and valued your artistic work.
Advertising on FB and Insta
Boost your visibility and make yourself known on social networks. This offer allows you to increase the visibility of 5 works on FaceBook and Instagram. It is a space purchase formula that guarantees you a audience according to your budget (Ex: For €50 the estimated audience is 35,000 views).
Gallery Pack
The PACK GALERIE subscription allows you to create your dedicated "Gallery" page and reference it on ARTactif. You will thus be able, with simple and completely autonomous management, to present an unlimited number of artists and of works. You will also be able to create your digital "gallery" book visible on computer, tablet, smartphone and on the ARTactif marketplace (12 million visitors per year). The works of the artists you represent will also be distributed automatically and monthly on social networks (FaceBook and Instagram). Finally, you will have free access to the monthly press review of the main art magazines: "Beaux Arts", "Connaissance des Arts", " l'Œil" and "Art Press".