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Wood sculpture

What is wood sculpture?

Wood carving is a manual activity consisting of working wood to give it a certain shape. The principle is then to remove material using different tools: chisel, wood chisels, gouge, hammer, mallet, etc.

The practice of wood sculpture is very old. However, since Greco-Roman Antiquity, the use of wood in sculpture has been perceived as less noble than other materials such as bronze, marble, etc. Works in wood were thus considered popular and cheap.

Wooden sculptures are also more fragile and difficult to preserve. It is partly for this reason that ancient and medieval statues made from wood are often covered in several colors.

Bronze sculpture

To know everything about bronze sculpture

Antique or contemporary, bronze sculpture fascinates the observer. It is one of the few art mediums whose basic techniques have not changed over time.

A little history…

The technique of making a model sculpture in clay, plaster or wax before pouring the bronze into a mold dates back as far as the third millennium BC. Since ancient times, many sculpting artists have made bronze statues of different sizes. Often they represented heroic warriors (full-length or bust), characters from mythology, sometimes accompanied by an animal (horse, dog, bird, etc.).

Ceramic sculpture

Ceramic sculpture, an art thousands of years old

Whether artistic sculptures, for religious use or simply pottery intended to contain liquids, ceramics have been used for thousands of years. What was ceramic used for? What is art ceramics? Who are the most famous ceramic sculptors?

The history of ceramic sculpture

For tens of thousands of years, clay artisans have been creating ceramic sculptures. Sometimes used as tools or as a container, sometimes as sacred sculptures or beautiful ceramics, many creative people have used, throughout history, this inexpensive and easily accessible material. available.

Metal sculpture

Metal sculpture is an artistic activity that requires mastering an artistic project and sensitivity in addition to technical skills linked to working with the material(s).

What is metal sculpture?

Sculpture is an artistic activity in which the artist produces shapes in volume. Metal sculpture obviously involves using metal as the final rendering material. The interest of metal lies in its malleability.

To create a metal sculpture, the sculptor can, however, first work his work from another material, such as clay for example. What is called lost wax can also be used, the wax is here applied to its clay model before heating it.

Mixed technique sculpture

To know everything about mixed media sculpture

The tendency to combine materials and supports has given new impetus to contemporary sculpture. These mixed media works fascinate the observer and suggest different interpretations to their imagination.

What is a mixed media sculpture?

In the visual arts, mixed media sculpture refers to an approach by which an artist combines at least two different mediums or technical means. The use of this mode of creation can aim for two objectives: the personalization of the work as much as possible or the exploration of the interactions between the elements used.