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Alison has, since she was very young, been attracted to art, and her grandfather and great-grandfather were also artists who knew how to pass on their passion to her. She grew up surrounded by their sometimes complex but also very endearing works.

She took private lessons when she was in college and this reassured her in her choices of post-baccalaureate studies. She indeed followed the preparatory year at the University of Paris. ESAG where she learned the nude, the plasters but also the flat tints. gouache on very specialized exercises. Then she tried to Fine Arts at Paris, but she recognizes that her work was not mature enough to enter there. So she headed for a DEUG in Art History then left for England to do a degree in visual culture, where she studied art history. she learned to read any visual work whatever the media. She took advantage of this of these three years to launch into oil painting. oil. Alas, following a domestic accident, many of his paintings were damaged. lost. Since then she has stopped working. the practice of painting oil and she focused on her professional career which took her more time, art then finding itself relegated to the mainstream. à his hobbies.

Today’ almost 52 years old and over a very personal turning point in her desires for the future, she decided to move forward and to  get back to a greater production, favoring watercolors but also pastels and red chalk, then a dazzling and very prolific return to the art of watercolor and besides now oil painting early 2024 – but also without forgetting his beginnings at linocut in 2021 – including a punk portrait in black ink on a red background.

Her use of watercolor brings out a dreamlike world that she most often has difficulty portraying. name, leaving it free to choose; everyone to develop their personal reading of their works.

She works a lot by themes – flowers, abstract but also realistic landscapes, portraits, Japanese prints, etc. the sequel to a trip to Japan in 2015, etc. Her landscapes are also the embodiment of the admiration she feels in front of the work of her English friend she met during her studies in England and thanks to her. from whom she learned linocutting. As for the media, she likes the game of merging liquid watercolors but also adding Indian ink and even embossing to add relief. His rediscovery of pastels and watercolor, and then oil  painting howed that she is always so creative whatever the themes chosen.

She works a lot with colors, bringing the subject to full life and engaging the viewer. enter a world to be explored part, where the imagination has its full reason for being.

With a very small workshop at home, she learned how to be very organized and rigorous in her creations with a view to results that are sometimes surprising but also moving and often captivating.

For her, art is a trigger of emotions to which she is open and hopes for the same from her spectators.

(artist present online, at Artactif: https://en.artactif.com/artists/aerh-arts/267505-peinture-nu-01.html but also on Artboxy: https://www. artboxy.com/profile/tzImEv4tZ73ulfiWqynU and on his website: https://alihirst.fr)

Moreover, exposed to abroad thanks to means of dematerialization on large screens – ArtBasel, Miami…

Artistic approach

I draw a lot of inspiration from Miro and Picasso in their abstract approaches. I also paint abstract landscapes. Finally I navigate between linocut and watercolor, with lately a new approach of my art with the prolific use of oil painting. 

I discovered linocut through an artist friend who lives in the UK. I loved it straight away. I must have around forty boards. I like to engrave and then see the result with the passage of the ink, and then touch up the plate if necessary. I have floral, plant, animal, orthodox church, marine motifs, etc.

In 2022 I started again; watercolor, painting mainly abstract landscapes and other more figurative ones, your choice! Indian ink is an integral part of many of my works. Especially when she absorbs the watercolor! I love the effects that come from it!

In 2023, I launched into pastels, with the drawing of Art Nouveau-type floral motifs, moving nudes and a series of landscapes and also vanities.

Today I'm trying my luck again with oil painting. Indeed, oil remains my favorite media that I had not used for over 30 years! 

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