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Dany Lachaud
Trévol / France
Artiste Painter
Dany Lachaud

Self-taught painter, born in 1958 Center France.

Each period of painting and absolutely remarkable for more than 30 years of passion.

It’s a very personal relationship, each canvas is an intimate space of its own emotion.

From the figurative of large spaces, always in motion, through pastel.

The life of an artist has always interested me, non-conformist, a life always in fusion.

It's painting that chose me, never getting bored, that's the most important thing, always looking forward to it. the search for new techniques, always learning something better.

After 20 years oil, it's the abstract to agrave; acrylic which she studied for 2 years in depth, seeking the motivation of the masters of the abstract, understanding it. The abstract is not spots of color from random materials, it is a living painting. Work according to your instinct, your feelings.

Today really attracted through the abstract, this painting corresponds to me with its multiple techniques of the material of strong colors, transparency, imagination, magic.

I paint very precise parts in composition, making large, very instinctive gestures and quickly in flexibility or violence, nothing is defined by definition. in advance. There is no subject, the answer, the instinct is in me, that's the difficulty. of the abstract, to find the right balance, the composition of the structure so as to attract other eyes. Motivation comes later on parts of the canvas with different tools and how they are used, it is sensitivity to the problem. of the moment which determines the shapes which are projected on the canvas. Often warm colors in a harmony of shapes and soft shades, parts like suspended which assert themselves on the curvature of a line, which sometimes speaks to the subject. through shapes drowned in paint, scars appear in the volume. Warm or cold colors, the atmospheres are determined full of color. flashes of red.

Let's admire, let's look, let's enjoy, let's accept, this happiness given to us every day throughout our existence.

Because life is too short..........For Art.

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