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Florence ROUCHOU
Artiste Painter
Florence ROUCHOU

I was born in Vincennes in 1967 and I have lived since my adolescence in the Bordeaux region.

Since my earliest childhood I have always loved paint or create, but it’s in 2014 following my dismissal which I decided to devote myself entirely to my passion.

Autodidact, I took courses for three years at the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts as a free auditor. I am registered with the Maison Des Artistes since 2015.

I basically use two techniques. Acrylic for abstract painting which will allow me to escape into my imaginary world and express myself freely, without limits. And Pastel, which is a material that I adore in particular for its soft and velvety appearance, which I use in particular to represent animals for which I have a great passion.

Prizes and awards: 1st prize Oil/Acrylic at the Salon des Arts Aquitaine Blanquefort – Bronze medal diploma at the Grand Prix de Talence - Public Prize at Talence and Braids, 2nd prize Pastel at the Arts Aquitaine Blanquefort fair, 1st prize from the Municipality of Paris. in the 9th Marti' Arts by Martillac. 

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