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My journey is, humbly, inspired by by the passion for life as stardust, in its originality and originality. cellular and its uniqueness intrinsic.

As for the artistic part, we first had to patiently learn academic drawing, figurative painting in all its forms and all its techniques. This is what I did in a professional art school (St Luc-Tournai in Belgium)

A member of the professional jury for the end-of-study competition offered me the opportunity to replace him as an advertising graphic designer in an advertising entity. catalog publishing for an architectural ceramics factory in Paris St Omer (GILSON-France).

Six months later, the same member of the professional jury hired me as an executive at Havas-Nord (advertising agency located in Lille) Havas allowed me to discover all aspects creativity which make it possible to find a solution to a problem when passing through side roads.

After five years spent in this agency with prestigious clients, I was hired to join the company. recruited by the drawing studio of La Voix du Nord à agrave; Lille as artistic director whereù I was able to accompany him. major customer accounts in their press campaigns. Being frustrated of not being able to exercise my creativity as I wanted, I created an independent advertising illustration studio in addition to my advertising activity. à The voice of the North. Living in Belgium and being an employee in France, my agency could not compete. I even won the prize for the best “packaging” for a France to France sampling case Lille with a beautiful article in La Voix du Nord and congratulations from my department director.

In 2000 the newspaper underwent a takeover bid and was dismissed. economical. I then took my allowances and moved to the south of France. I then decide to finally do what I always wanted to do: “paint”

I bought a house in the south of France and I give painting lessons to the locals. pre-retirees in the Lac Ste Croix region in the Haut-Var (thanks to my background as an illustrator, I master all painting techniques and can therefore adapt to each student according to what they are looking for: watercolor, acrylic, oil painting etc.)

I am also a correspondent for Var Matin and noticed that there are no free newspapers in my region for reasons of transport costs?

I then created a quarterly newspaper financed by the thirteen municipalities around Lake Ste Croix (each 20 km apart) each municipality pays according to the number of inhabitants and takes from its overall allocation Operating . Half a Page two pages devoted to them , depending on the number of inhabitants in the municipality, to communicate with their constituents. The first pages bring together all the events taking place. come over the next three months day after day in the thirteen municipalities. The other pages are devoted to à discovering local people through articles on breeders, truffle growers, artists of all kinds, local initiatives, etc.

This four-color A3 journal (Lou Pitchoun Curious) printed in à 36,000 copies was an essential social link and was very successful in the region.


Until the day when retirement rang (2014) and we settled down, my new wife and I, in 2014. l’isle sur la Sorgue in Vaucluse.

The newspaper was unable to continue because it would have been necessary to hire several people for work that I was doing alone. But I’ve been happy to do it and people still talk to me about it today. I paint and sculpt today for myself and have a lot of fun. I learned a lot from here. my students and I hope vice versa.

The work only exists to the extent that it exists. it comes true. The rest doesn't matter, the notoriety, the rating, the price, the recognition, the style... This is all quite futile. So what remains? find the balance between desire and reality.

Reconcile my passion with my way of life without becoming schizophrenic! A formidable driving force is passion which reveals the personal expression of each person. Passion and artisanal suffering, success and frustration are the lot of an artist's life, an atypical journey that does not respond to the needs of an artist. no rules.

Needless to tell you that I have a very rich nightlife and I aspire every evening to live at night. find out what happened yesterday! This is what is most important to me.

I paint as I dream and I dream as I paint: “Free” of any constraint or direction follow to be up to date fashion or in the spirit of the times … which won't please gallery owners, but too bad!

I can understand galleries … after all I was fine advertising!

Is it kind of the same job?
Below is a poem inspired by of my half-abstract and half-figurative watercolors …

The moment before, it was just a watercolor

Moving over the details of the brush; wing shot

I discover with amazement the next moment

Images coming from the unconscious without being ready

To reveal the facets of the mirror of the soul

A timeless sign perfectly matches the blade

From the pencil I take back the hand of a window on the courtyard

The colors force me to think again. follow a certain route

Around the abstract my imagination soars

To impregnate the paper with a flying hand

A lyrical flight takes the passing window

For the emotion of a moment the line becomes boring

Describe a memory that comes from a past story,

Without imposing the joy of discovering an enchanting entwined country

The privileged moment remains to see an image return

So beautiful that joy fills my heart for the future

There will always be another opportunity somewhere

For every ending there is always another beginning

Luc Leplae

Artistic approach

If you would like to know more about my artistic career, I encourage you to do so. consult my website www.lucleplaesenior.com. It’s not very “design » à my taste but it has the advantage of being complete over everything I have done up until now. NOW. The most recent being developed in blog posts. I work a lot on mixing watercolor, acrylic and watercolor techniques. oil with knives and brushes and then scanned. the result in high resolution and reworked. the digital file on iPad with the “Paper” or « sketch ». I then take the whole thing again on “Photoshop” to have a large format HR file which offers me the possibility of to make a print on art paper.

Reflections on my journey

All these different artistic styles that I explore and claim are within me and spring forth depending on the moment or the nightly dreams of the day before. These dreams are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The psychic universe that inhabits me is essential in what I achieve. The faces of the characters I sculpt come naturally to me from nature. unconscious or of my dreams of parallel worlds, I do not seek to know their secrets, but this way of approaching the “subconscious ” is fascinating and excites my curiosity.

Each drawing that I begin comes from an image where behind a face, an emotion or a past event is hidden. or at come. These fractal visions can be revealed in different ways. at any time of concentration, they appear a lot on inert materials such as stone, rocks, tree bark or wood grain.

I feel obligated to specify their outline and accentuate their image to assert their presence.

To make them closer to us, I add color and other lighter, flowy and joyful materials like plastic. This is the side of “Positive” of my personality that I want to impose to counter, sometimes, the “obscure”» of the apparition. I believe that there is life everywhere, even in inert matter, they have the same origins of “stardust  » who are lost in the mists of time and must have the same destiny common to humans in their existential quest. in the universe and lived stories can be transmitted without having the same DNA. They necessarily have things to offer. teach us through a kind of magnetic transmission or quantum telepathy.

The last Nobel Prizes were attributed to scientists who have carried out studies on the different communications between molecules. This could be a possible explanation for the operation of incomprehensible transmissions.

Biological molecules not only interact by contact, by complementarity; in shape, but also in shape; through waves. We are then dealing with; specific electromagnetic signals, resonance phenomena, actions to "distance and interference". This would be a real revolution in biology. Most doctors and biologists only believe in the chemical effects of biological molecules.

These « information » would be transmitted by water, of which the body is composed of mainly, which memorizes the structures of molecules, via electromagnetic signals. Indeed, water could well have a sort of « memory » - even without a chemical molecule, it can retain « information » in the form of electromagnetic signals. We are dealing with; specific electromagnetic signals, resonance phenomena, actions to distance and interference. In this perspective, molecules and chemistry would only be part of the functioning of living things. Each cell would vibrate at high speed. a certain frequency, which would allow it to enter into communication and resonance with others, like a symphony orchestra. Formidable! But it doesn't matter...the work only exists to the extent that it exists. it comes true. Not necessarily where it sells! That’s what I will remember from all my artistic experience.

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