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Hello to you you and thank you, a contemporary, eclectic artistic passion, I have  developed  for 20 years, I  working on  different supports  , canvas, clay, cyporex, wood block sculpture and stone ,bas relief  stone with flat and trident chisels and Linden wood plaque, sculpt with flat chisels; , also  bottom relief on BA13  plate false ceiling , a subject  very interesting , and for 2 years,  after having made tests  nice I sculpt the 13mm Bee fence (and it's not sculpture fence for my chickens) , my way  , compression seamless hand finishing acrylic paints by successive layers of ironing, acrylic colors and artistic mixed varnishes; ,original  , of different sizes, smaller, they have a base of different stone material or on an aluminum drainer, in crown. I adapt to the situation of the moment .

I live in the Var whereù I do a few exhibitions, self-taught, I have never been taken by surprise, my works are not copied, but come from my imagination, from my own imagination. my way. Currently, I am on permanent exhibition, since 2022 at the Régis Frères estate, tel.  [hidden for your safety], 565 chemins du Thoronet Vidauban 83550 in my town, an exceptional place for my sculptures, where I can express myself. Thank you



Artistic approach

My artistic approach, obviously and to make myself known, and to present my works to the public, they are original  .Apart from what I do, currently, and to open other artistic horizons and share with other Artists a cultural and friendly friendly exchange, not to stay in my corner, my moving forward. And discover my contemporary artistic passion. Thank you Have a nice day

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Currently, I am in permanent exhibition since 2022, I am in permanent exhibition, Domaine Régis Frères in Vidauban 565 chemins du Thoronet, an essential and friendly place, where my fence sculptures are on view you can come free entry, thank you to you good days

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