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Socllum Barcelona
Barcelona / Spain
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Socllum Barcelona

My artistic training has always been completely self-taught.

My work life, in general, has been in the workshop manufacturing sector, although my passion has always been creativity.

When I lost my job at 55, I reinvented myself. and I started You will create decorative objects and furniture from recycled, recovered, and restored wood.

I made a computer-aided drawing course in Autocad to design my projects. 

I joined in different Coworkings that had wood workshop machinery to start building my projects in a space. In these coworkings I took courses in machinery manipulation, milling machines, and laser cutting.

I participated in a course run by Barcelona City Council,  directed by Barcelona Activa called Fet a Mà (Handmade) where they taught me how to carry out my project, both through social networks and economically. 

From here I already created my current project Socllum Barcelona.

This project is based on creating unique lamps in the world, from recovered objects. Old objects acquired in antique shops, objects that are currently out of use, by merging them I give them a new life and a new function (UPCYCLING).

I have been to various fairs and competitions and all my creations have been very well received

I also participate in exhibitions, in facilities such as libraries and civic centers in Barcelona

This is the third year that I have participated, showing my creations, in the competition held by the Luxemburg Art Prize, in which the first year I got the prize. a diploma with special mention.

Artistic approach

I have always liked to create.

I work with my hands and my creativity, I don't have a workshop. All my creations are unique and personalized with your own name and creation date. I do not make two identical pieces because the materials I work with do not allow it.

The basis of my project is to try not to throw away objects that are out of use, damaged or that are already old or old. I think that all these objects have more projection with a new function, more practical like a lamp.

They are not just lamps. It's not just light. It is art, it is passion, it is design. It is illuminating your space in a positive, sustainable way with a unique piece with many stories in its essence.

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