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 the alias "Boss", lfut  opted for   in 1987  on  a joke friends      "  then   you  bumps again     "   seeing  this last   a  draw on    time free or  on the phone    continued has one  new direction artistic   now  a   new life will be  towards     BOSS ARTS115 ©    ! 
this iconic artist has made his mark the history of contemporary art through its ability to unique to interact on the borders of various artistic movements. À Through his vision, the conventional boundaries between neofauvism, pop street, and art brut were blurred. redefined, demonstrating a versatility that has found new meaning. its balance in the collision of these distinct styles.

The brilliance of the luminous images and the richness of the colors of Boss ARTS115©, are of a beauty. magnetic. His works exude passion and energy, captivating the viewer with the dynamism of the forms that this  artist chooses to present. These distinctive characteristics are a reflection of his artistic soul, always in search of newness. and innovation and  of  news dimensions.

The artistic evolution of Boss ARTS115© took a particularly interesting turn when he turned towards the strip art movement, a decision influenced by his meeting with FUTURA 2000, emblematic figure of new graffiti -york and abstract expressionism. This encounter enriched his palette and opened new avenues of exploration. that  with   MAC AVOY figure emblematic   also   forward caretaking   friend of  Picasso was   a  meeting determining factor on
the  reflection of  world of  art this last   guard in  memory its  advice .

Outside the workshop, Boss ARTS115 © had a variety of of talents, illustrated by his work as an aeronautical painter. On request, she painted airplanes, merging history with art. In addition, his talents as an animal painter, inspired by Franz Marc, brought his talents to life. a unique and vibrant touch to his representations of wildlife.

Boss ARTS115©   had the honor of exhibiting his works in prestigious places. In the 90s, she scored its presence at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York, participating in a group exhibition. In Europe, his talents were recognized. recognized Florence, Italy, where she exhibited under the auspices of the UN. In addition, she was member of the women's club of painters of the Washington Art Museum, testifying to her ability to paint. à transcend barriers and join diverse artistic communities.

The trajectory of BOSS ARTS115 in the art world demonstrates that versatility, innovation and deep passion can redefine the boundaries of artistic expression.


Artistic approach

LCONCEPT BOSS ARTS 115 * ARTSGROUP115 - ATELIER115 * Dynamic Art aims to rethink this relationship with art, to make it accessible to all, to break down the barriers of 39;traditional aesthetic. The concept through the creations is to arouse emotions, stimulate reflection by opening to new perspectives and a new form of consciousness on what art can be. In a world where technology is omnipresent, Art Dynamique pushes the limits by combining classic art and new technologies. This collection is an ode to creativity and innovation, a celebration of beauty in all its forms where the entire spirit is conscious of its environment and the time in which it travels. You are invited to immerse yourself in this unique experience, to let yourself be carried away by the magic of art. Join us to discover Art Dynamique, don't be afraid and let your mind soar towards new dimensions and artistic horizons. Inspirational quote: "Art is the reflection of our soul, it transports us to unknown worlds and makes us discover our own inner light." - art can only be seen with the heart - Follow us, on social networks, a new space at atelier115.fr will soon be created https://www.facebook.com/BossArts115/ or http:// www.atelier115.fr ADAGP is the official body providing legal protection for this artistic concept, artist pseudonyms, and all forms of artistic achievements

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