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Brigitte Dravet
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Painting: timeless art…

One of the seven arts, painting is de facto reminiscent of the paintings exhibited in the most prestigious museums, like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. However, it is a timeless form of art which has remarkably managed to span the ages, from before Jesus Christ to Prehistory, Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. If being a painter had nothing rewarding, today its democratization has made small shadow painters into protagonist artists of society. Oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, pastel or mixed media, painting captivates in all its forms.

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Acrylic, a paint that adapts

Acrylic paint and its design

Acrylic is a paint whose solvent is largely composed of water. It is made from a mixture of pigments and acrylic resin and dries by evaporation of the water it contains.

The American printers Leonard Bocour and Sam Golden invented a first version of acrylic paint and put it on sale in 1949. Subsequently, the chemist Henry Levinson created artistic acrylic paint in 1963, diluted in water. Painters such as Andy Warhol and David Hockney used it very quickly. In Mexico, it was also designed around 1950. Chemists, in collaboration with Mexican mural painters, developed it during the creation of frescoes on the facades of the University of Mexico.

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W. 80 x L. 80 x D. 2 cm
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Inspired by the beauty of nature surrounding me, the horizon, the sea, the sunsets which amaze me every day. In this work, I wanted to capture the essence of one of these warm sunsets with touches of abstraction. Using acrylic and leaf gilding, I seek to evoke tranquility and contemplation. The minimalist layers evoke the distant horizon, inviting reflection. It's a celebration of the end of the day, bringing with it the calming and renewing energy of a summer twilight into your home. Over the hours, thanks to the gilding, the light will reveal the painting differently, which means that it is never the same
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The artistic work of Brigitte Dravet

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