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Hello friends, since I was a teenager I have been passionate about painting. I alternated my high school studies with painting and drawing classes taught by a renowned painter at the old Viciana school. Later I trained at the Valencia Higher School in the specialty of fashion design. I never abandoned my vocation for painting and continued to work. attending art classes at the Municipal Culture Center of my town, Burriana, I have participated in different group exhibitions. After dedicating myself to fashion for years I want to show you through my paintings all the creativity that arises from my when he placed me in front of a blank canvas. 

Artistic approach

I especially like color, seeing and capturing the amount of tones that can be found on a simple wall, for example. I create my works mostly with direct paint, on canvas. My style, although I define myself with expressionism, is also close to pop art in some works and some creations are also reminiscent of art nouveau. Now I am exploring the universe of acrylic painting, I have also made several works with different textures and acrylic and even in some creations I use fabric. too. I love to experiment and let what comes out of me emerge

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