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Dominique Hernandez
Dijon / France
Artiste Painter
Dominique Hernandez

Amateur but passionate artist, quotation at "Drouot Cotation des Artistes", Member of  at the European Institute of Contemporary Arts, I am recognized as an artist by various prizes and distinctions

* Vermeil Medal of the IEAC

*Bronze Medal International Designers of the Century Exhibition

*Longwy Senate Medal   etc...

I exhibit my works in different salons, in France Carrousel du Louvre, Grand Palais Paris,  Honfleur, Dijon etc, at abroad Mexico, USA, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Italy...

I live in France

Artistic approach

Passionate artist, with a curious and observant mind,  I like to play with materials, shapes, colors, atmospheres.

My works, whatever the material, technique or inspiration, convey a generosity of spirit. true, a natural empathy that I offer spontaneously.

I like to share and enjoy sharing. consider that my works are mirrors that invite the viewer to travel according to my own emotions and feelings in a universe all in harmony, however with a necessary element of mystery.

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