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ARTIST / Nathalie Froment / International painter. AUTHOR-ARTIST at the "MAISON DES ARTISTES" of the France since 2002. Artistic works : Research tasks on the effects of matter by transparency since 1993. 1983 : First painting on canvas. 1993 : First exhibition personal. 2003 : First international exhibition. NEWS : Next Exhibition in DUBAI in APRIL 2008 at WORLD TRADE CENTER - E. A. U. . REWARDS OF THE PAINTING GOLD MEDAL 1994 - Great Price of the Painting Castle of Lavérune - France. Painting of the collection "Echos monochrome". SILVER MEDAL 2006 - 7e INTERNATIONAL ART SHOW in Barcelona. Gallery ESART - SPAIN. Painting of the collection "Les Tiroirs du Temps". BIOGRAPHY :Nathalie Froment was only 7 years old when she declared: "I will be a painter!". What was remarkable is that she certainty carried it to reach her of child dream. It is not surprising that she started to paint very young and to expose her works in the south of France where she lives. The amateurs, of an informed eye bought her first parts. This encouragement led it to regularly expose and it received the 1994's gold medal of the castle of Laverune, at the time of its first contest of painting.N. Froment learned how to discover, alone with her canvas, the basic technics and she created even its own approach of the raw material and the composition; in 1994 she called its "Translucent" technic (research task based on the effects of raw material in transparency). This one consists of a process which, adapted to the raw material conceived, is painted and carved with one gestural very spontaneous. The final aspect is mainly made up a greater depth, of an emanating relief of the material with a strange transparency which allures the eye of the observer.Her style tends towards the figurative one even when it purifies lines and forms as at the time of her first "Translucents". In parallel, these last three years she visited again the Provence with a very personal touch always. There, she uses pastels with oil for the preparation of her fabric combined with her basic technic. The colors are very intense there in this sequence of the "Faces of Provence". The landscapes sing, the houses have a history and you can feel the fragrance of lavenders. She has composed for six months, a very particular series "the Spaces of the Time" which deserves to be seen. This time she incorporates with her material of the powders of pigments of Roussillon. The colors are done softer, hotter in its ranges ochre. Informed Colorist and painter in perpetual research, during her various periods all the emotions pass. Her paintings have a soul. JC F - 10/2001, Miami - USA. ART GALLERY 1994/2006 : - Gallery "Mirage" - Montpellier - FRANCE. - Gallery "Didier VESSE" - Aigues-mortes - FRANCE. - Gallery "Eliane POGGI" - Grenoble - FRANCE. - Gallery "Sala Barna" - Barcelone - SPAIN. - Gallery"Tout Un Art" - St Cyr au Mont d'or - Lyon - FRANCE. - Gallery "Charlevoix" - St Jean de Luz - FRANCE. - Gallery "La Galerie" - Hossegor - FRANCE. - Gallery "Pour Tout l'Art du Monde" - Lambesc - FRANCE. - International Gallery "Eclats d'Art" - Nîmes - FRANCE. - International Gallery "La Galerie" - Marbella - SPAIN. COLLECTIONS : Paintings of the following series form part of collections deprived in France, Europe and Canada. "Les Tiroirs du Temps", "Visages de la Provence" and "Echos monochrome". MUSEUM CONTEMPORARY ART : Entered on July 8th, 2005 in "MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAS" at Miami - USA. Painting : "Le couple au ruban" 28? x 20?. VALUATION BOOKS : AKOUN and DROUOT-COTATION. Nathalie Froment in the dictionnary " Larousse Cotations Edition 2006 and 2007 " of quotations 15e century with today. EXHIBITIONS : - December 15th, 2003 - January 15th, 2004 - Batik Art - Gallery "Sala Barna" - Barcelona - SPAIN. - June 12th to 26th, 2004 - "Chapelle des Pénitents" - Gordes - Lubéron - FRANCE.- July 21th to 25th, 2004 - International Art show of Marbella. With "Sala Barna" gallery from Barcelona - SPAIN.- September 09th to 29th, 2004 - Personal exhibition "Time of the Symbols" in Pézenas historic center - FRANCE. - October, 06th to 11th, 2004 - Frankfurt International Show - With "Sala Barna" gallery from Barcelona - GERMANY. - April to september 2005 - GALLERY NATHALIE FROMENT -"Les Tiroirs Du Temps " - 34120 PÉZENAS - FRANCE. - May 9th to 20th, 2005 - Exhibition on the ENERGY, in C.E.R.N. from Geneva (Center European of Nuclear Research) - SWITZERLAND. - June 10th to 30th, 2005 - Exhibition on MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART. Miami - USA.- November 25th, 2005 to February 15th, 2006. Gallery "TOUT UN ART" - 69450 St Cyr au Mont d'or - LYON - FRANCE.- January 17th to 31th, 2006. Gallery ESART - 7e International show in Barcelona. SPAIN. - March 20th to 31th, 2006 - Gallery of the historical center - Firenze - ITALY.- April 18th to 30th, 2006 - Collective exhibition ?Espace CASANOVA? - Barcelona - SPAIN. - May 19th to 22th 2006 - Selection and exhibition to Show Sm'Art 2006 - "Villa Khariessa" in Martigues - FRANCE.- May 02th to October 30th 2006 - Gallery Charlevoix - 64500 St Jean de Luz - FRANCE.- June 15th to December 24th 2006 - La Galerie Brigitte Capy - 40150 Hossegor - FRANCE.- July 12th to December 31th 2006 - Gallery Pour tout l'art du monde - 13410 Lambesc - FRANCE.- August 05th to 15th 2006 - Art Monaco 2006 - Café de Paris - Monté-Carlo - MONACO.- September 1st 2006 to December 31th 2006 - International Art Gallery "Eclat d'Art" - Nîmes -FRANCE. - October 29th to november 02th 2006 - ART NEW YORK 2006 - Waldorf Astora - Manhattan - New York - USA. - November 09th to 13th 2006 - ART PADOVA 2006 - International Art Faire with Art Gallery Alba of Ferrara - Padova - ITALY. - October 29th to 02 November 2006 - Exhibition in Waldorf Astoria - Manhattan NEW YORK - USA.- November 06th to 10th 2006 - Exhibition in Showroom Santa Monica à Beverly Hill - LOS ANGELES - USA.- December 01th to 05th 2006 - The International Art Fair of the Flandres / LINEART 2006 - With Espace13 Paris/Lausane - GAND - BELGIQUE.- Janury 18th to March 15th and 1st June to 31th August 2007 - (With the Art Gallery of Lambesc) Exhibition to "Grand Hôtel du Roi René" - Aix-en-Provence - FRANCE.- January 08th to 31th December 2007 - Permanent exhibition in the Art Gallery "Pour tout l'art du monde" - Paintings on paper, canvas where plexiglas - 13410 Lambesc - FRANCE.- February1st to december 31th 2007 - Permanent exhibition in the International Art Gallery "La Galerie" in Puerto Banus - 29600 MARBELLA - SPAIN. - October 25th to 28th 2007 - Salon international d'art contemporain ART CONCORDE 2007 with the FONDATION INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS at the "Automobile club de france", place de la concorde - 75008 PARIS - FRANCE.- Du 04 au 11 April 2008 Salon internationale d'art contemporain ART DUBAI 2008 with the FONDATION INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS in World Trade Center - DUBAI - E. A. U.

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