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Giorgio Patuelli
Imola / Italy
Artiste Painter
Giorgio Patuelli

I think I started à draw and painting from my first years of life, motivated to do so. by the desire of my father who taught me the first rudiments of perspective and painting. Attending the Liceo Artistico in Bologna, my passion for architecture grew, marking the beginning of my academic adventure.

I deepened my studies with a course in Applications of Descriptive Geometry at the University of Montreal. University of Florence Studies, then with a course on the calculation of lamellar structures at the same time. University That' Foscari of Venice. I graduated in architecture from Politecnico di Milano.

In 1982, I participated in the as co-founder at Circolo Culturale Ca de Mandorli à Bologna, and in 1987 I co-founded the advertising agency Life & Co à Bologna, Italy. Later, I founded OrEnergia, a company specializing in energy systems. Bologna. I have also been chief designer at Italdesire.LTD at Dublin, Ireland. Currently, I practice at the Italia Project Design and Architecture Workshop in Paris Imola.

I teach technology and computing, art history and descriptive geometry in various schools of different levels. Currently I am a member as an Alumno Polimi at the Politecnico di Milano and I am part of the ADI (Association for Industrial Design) at the Politecnico di Milano. Milan, Italy, as well as member of the Bureau of European Design Associations.

In my spare time, I indulge in ceramic production as a hobby.

Artistic approach

"As a style, I am at the same level. the crossroads of pop art, geometric style and minimal conceptual approach. The synergy of these elements gives the works a unique quality. unique, inviting spectators to immerse yourself in a visual world rich in meaning.

First of all, the influence of pop art is evident in the choice of subject and the treatment of colors. I selected a popular icon of a now classic everyday object, reinterpreting its representation in a bold and dynamic way. Liveliness and color saturation recall the aesthetic of pop art, captivating the attention of observers and creating an immediate visual impact.

On the other hand, the geometric style emerges everywhere. through the structure and arrangement of elements in the works. Crisp lines, clear shapes and geometric precision define the composition, creating a sense of order and harmony. This geometric approach can reflect a search for visual balance and a stylized geometry which adds an abstract dimension to the image. the work, inviting spectators to explore explore shape and symmetry.

The minimal conceptual look adds extra depth to the artwork. I reduced the items to just a few. keep it simple, focusing on key details like surfaces and leaving space for personal interpretation. The minimal approach may spark thoughts about simplicity. and complexity, encouraging viewers to explore explore the connections between the elements present.

Overall, the work presents itself as a fascinating mix of styles and concepts, challenging conventional categories and providing space for the individual expression and reflection. The balance between pop art, geometry and conceptual minimalism creates a work of art that stimulates not only visually, but also intellectually, inviting viewers to explore their ideas. explore the multiple facets of my artistic vision."

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