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I have always been passionate about painting 🎨 and art in all its forms.

In the fall of 2021, it was like a calling within me to absolutely want to paint. But there you have it! by where to start . And then I thought again à a painting that I had made a long time ago by putting photos in it and blending them with paint. So this idea came back to me and I started to develop it. à want to paint with black and white photos, more precisely vintage photos. I wanted to bring them back to life.

My mother gave me a photo of her from the 70s. She was so beautiful in this photo that I wanted to highlight it and make it bright.  
I would like to pay tribute to him because it is thanks to my mother that I started again. paint because she predicted to me that I would later be successful.
Today I branched out a bit. by painting canvases drawing more on the abstract.☺️

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I started buying canvases and paints from shops specializing in art.

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