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Jessica Berej
Chapelle-d'Abondance / France
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Jessica Berej

Citizen of the world, I lived in various places which have all enriched me and taught me that "the grass is not greener on the other side". I like the diversity and what it brings to help us grow and evolve. My career path, generally speaking, is one of a kind. this image, full of diversity, which I adored, despite the fact that sometimes (or often?) some difficulties. Today, between lakes and mountains, I enjoy taking time to understand and live my life.

Artistic approach

Artist, author, when something attracts attention, it takes the form of words or colors. So many beauties are to be found here. describe and/or illustrate, but also everything else... the unpleasant, the "disturbing", since we also need it to evolve and understand what #39;we live. So this is what we are looking for. transmit to through my works, whether literary or illustrated. Emotions drive us, so why not give them a voice

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Writing my first novel, and “taking my desire to create seriously”

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