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Julian DRAY
Chenove / France
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Julian DRAY

Julien Perez (Julian.Dray) is born 10/18/1974. Author and painter for around twenty years. He must have did around fifteen exhibitions in the south of France, but his style acquired a certain maturity only 5 years ago. Julien Perez lived in Burgundy in Paris. Saint-Apollinaire. He is 49 years old and has been writing since adolescence. He published his first book in 2015 with Éditions Le H&eac;risson: « “Music of the Spirit”. It was in 2015 that he was the most verbose. He wrote around twenty books but never really took himself seriously. He wasn't even looking for publishing houses. Some of his writings burned. while they were in a friend’s attic. “ Thought does not burn” he said. Today he is a poet, essayist, lyricist. He completely assumes responsibility. Besides, if you offer him a job, he will first think about whether he can do it, and then give his answer. He likes working on joint projects. It transports him. He is above all a painter. At the professional level. There is music in his poetry, just as in his paintings. His style is unique. both art brut, underground, neo-expressionism, art born but also primitive. Julian.Dray simply gives the name « Newfreestyleart » . He said: « I write, as for painting, I make it my job day after day. Besides, I plan to have my workshop soon which will be called (EXIT the real) Julian Dray, works with markers at agrave. water, acrylics, felt-tip pens, acrylic paint, Indian ink, gouache and sprays. He owns around sixty works of art. At 49 years old, julien Perez alias Julian.Dray, enters a phase of great freedom. in his creativity, a maturity somewhat visionary emerges from his works.

Besides, he has just published " Bazaar" , an edited novel published by Editions Maïa.

Artistic approach

Currently, I am looking for places or galleries where; I could exhibit, in the Bourgogne Franche Comt&eac; region.

I have no means of transportation, which handicaps me enormously.

I'm also looking for a workshop. I am at Chenôve.


Julian P and will be moving soon. I want to paint at home in a clean place.

The artist has no events planned at the moment. I add an event
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I have been painting ever since.

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