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The sculpture

Sculpture is one of the most diverse, fascinating and varied art forms in Western art. From the gigantic sculpted pieces of ancient Greece to the abstract sculptures of contemporary art, from the figurines of prehistoric civilizations to the kinetic sculptures of the 20th century, this art is as diverse as it is intriguing. 4

Sculptural art began in the Upper Paleolithic with a small figure known as the Löwenmensch. It is considered to be over 40,000 years old. Sculpture can be made with most 3D modular materials. Here are the four main procedures of this art over the centuries: rock cutting, wood carving, metal sculpture casting and ceramic modulation.

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Mixed technique sculpture

To know everything about mixed media sculpture

The tendency to combine materials and supports has given new impetus to contemporary sculpture. These mixed media works fascinate the observer and suggest different interpretations to their imagination.

What is a mixed media sculpture?

In the visual arts, mixed media sculpture refers to an approach by which an artist combines at least two different mediums or technical means. The use of this mode of creation can aim for two objectives: the personalization of the work as much as possible or the exploration of the interactions between the elements used.

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W. 18 x L. 25 x D. 17 cm
11000 g
Work signed by the artist
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On demand
piece originale réalisée par la technique de modelage en argile et Bois (cep de vigne).Edition limitée tirage N°2/8 réalisé dans l'atelier de l'artiste.
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