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N. Muriel
Saint-Maurice-d'Ardèche / France
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N. Muriel

Born in Vaucluse and passionate about the bright light of my region, I paint very colorfully. in general. Being young, I applied myself to copy a lot of comic book drawings, like Spider Man, Bambi, Mickey... . After lots of adventures in my love life, I moved to Ardèche where I lived in Ardèche. I met my soul sister. Thanks to my dear husband I discovered the world of painting and I became passionate about this technique: watercolor painting. oil, then later of multiple genres,  and mix, like a salad, all the techniques that I have learned over time.

I am always looking for renewal both in painting and in thinking about how can I make a work more stimulating and understandable for everyone.

Artistic approach

It started from a very young age, I was bored in class as soon as the teacher was not interested in what I was doing. my little self, so to pass the time, I drew, colored, instead of listening. I later learned that I am a self-taught artist. So, no art school has touched it. my touch, my naive style. From pencil I moved to; gouache and then came paint. oil. To train myself, I became ("a forger"). I copy works very great renown. Besides, it’s one of my first paintings that I put on display on this site.

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I am self-taught.

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