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Born in 1983 in the Paris suburbs. From a very young age, I developed my skills. a deep passion for the arts, particularly painting and impressionist art.
My fascination with capturing fleeting moments also led me to explore explore photography, a medium to explore; through which I express my sensitivity artistic and emotional.

One of the most memorable moments of my life was his burnout. This difficult event was difficult. a decisive turning point, pushing me to re-evaluate my priorities and improve my skills. refocus on myself. It was during this period of reflection that I discovered my hyperempathy, a characteristic that has profoundly influenced my life. my vision of the world and my way of living.

Artistic approach

Photography has become a refuge and a privileged means of expression. À through my lens, I seek to capture and capture share my human emotions in all their diversity; and their intensity. I firmly believe that "Each emotion is a unique hue on the palette of our soul, creating a vivid picture of our existence."

Today, I aspire to share my vision of the world and my emotions with others. through my photographic works. I hope to touch hearts and inspire others to do their part. embrace their own emotions, seeing them as essential parts of the human experience.

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