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LA BAULE / France
Artiste Sculptor

In the 50s and 60s, art was not referenced in art. as a profession but as a hobby. Yet I had the feeling of loving art.

After my CEP (Certificate of Primary Studies), what should I do? No support in my orientation, I had to learn a trade, why not a manual trade, foundry worker, specialty of cast iron, steel, I should have choose bronze!

 I’s spent After my CAP, I did an additional year specializing in molding. At the end of the vocational college, head to the foundry. Then military service, and onwards; At the end of it, there was no longer any question of returning to the hell of the foundry.

 What alternative?

Computer science was born!! I practiced this profession for 38 years, and then retirement.

Finally free to have my time! The objective, to find an activity who me

makes me want to express myself. Art was the ideal goal, but what art?

 The sculpture, I understood that it was necessary to insist.                                         ;                          ;             &# p>

 After 3 years of copies and studies, we had to take a step forward, the desire to create was there!

 Comes the idea of highlighting women in their freedom. the most total, dressing it in jeans, a universal and timeless garment, revealing its sensuality. with everyday gestures, but also create visual imagination, while maintaining realism.

 In 2016, I met Madame Norma Bessières (Painter Artist) during an exhibition, she encouraged me to do more. continue and continue create my works in bronze.

Yes!! I come back to the foundry 50 years later.

Artistic approach

Since 2013, I have been sculpting clay and the female body in a very personal and contemporary version.  Born à Carrières-sur-Seine in 1947, computer engineer at In retirement, I live my daily life as an artist as a matter of course.

Surrounded by of some bronze creatures measuring around forty centimeters, inspired by through my muses, I imagine, I model, I shape busts and faceless bodies,  cheeky tits and rounded buttocks.

My interpretation of movement, materials, and my personal writing of emotion, desire, expectation immerse the viewer in the intimacy and mystery of the eternal feminine.

Like a knowing wink addressed to for women, I sculpt and express my pronounced taste through free gestures. for their sensuality, their humor and their unvarnished grace. Complicity again, with the men this time, I give it my all. see these inspiring shapes, these often naughty postures, sometimes provocative, never shocking. Beauty in pieces is in all its states in the form of a nice compliment to you. the female gender.

My declaration of love as an artist.

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