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Rose Pwin
Auxerre / France
Artiste Painter
Rose Pwin

Self-taught painter and visual artist, Rose.[pwin] lives and works in Auxerre.

She is also an art therapist.


Find out more:

  • SITE: http://rosegalerie.doomby.com/
  • INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/rosepwin/


Artistic approach

My approach is sensitive, focused on the living, the intangible and memory.                                  

As a result, are particularly present in my creation:

  • Nature and all of its components (wave, breath, movement, light, vibrations, silences...)
  • All forms of the link (thread, weaving, verb, music, genealogy, symbols...)

What constitutes body is born from the formless. (“To paint is to give a face to that which has none,” said Beckett). Creating allows me to apprehend the essence of life in what it contains that is imperceptible and indescribable.

In the beginning, it is about letting buried elements emerge. These are so many clues, traces, testimonies. A bit like wires shoot.

To guide this wandering, the line is installed as breath, the color as energy, the shape as a reference. A story is composed, I myself am a witness, I accompany the movement.

The body, whether human, plant, animal or mineral, invites itself above all into my creation in its function of container and image- witness. It is part of a landscape-atmosphere and probably represents what its deep essence has to do with it. say.

Memory of forms and body-memory, residues, slag, buried words and unsaid words, emerge from the veils to reveal themselves in another light.< /p>

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