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Sandra Art creation
Amponville / France
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Sandra Art creation

Sandra SOURMAIL is a French painter born in 1982. Self-taught, the painter chose to work in an abstract register and creates contemporary works with very spontaneous gestures. above all wishes to express his emotions on the canvas and thus invites the spectator to feel them deeply turn, while leaving a nice place for everyone. escape and escape imagination. The artist uses various working methods, makes his own colors, switches from brush to knife and can work directly with a paintbrush. the hand playing with shapes and colors.

Artistic approach

A painter turned outward; improvisation each creation takes shape from the depths of one's soul, sometimes surprised by the final rendering... According to the artist each person interprets an abstract painting in a different way. in his own way, depending on his mood. the moment of contemplation. Passionate and creative, the artist wishes to share with you her imaginary journeys offering you the pleasure of entering into her works so don't hesitate to join us. discover its modern and unique universe.                                             

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