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Artistically self-taught, father artist who studied fine arts in Lyon and photographer. Mother scientist and artist. Private painting lessons and sale of his paintings (between the ages of 22 and 25) I only have one left!! > Self-taught on an artistic level, I had scientific training - Doctor at university. 65% of my time, 20% to amateur artistic practices at the Beaux Arts de Lyon since November 2021. Artistic practices: - Painting using oil, dry and oil pastels, portraits graphite pencil black stone pencil, charcoal and dry pastels still life. all styles (contemporary, landscape, portrait, abstract) Currently working on different techniques.
Limited production due to my activity. professional.



1) Living room  International Contemporary Art ART3f  Halle Tony Garnier LYON (10/11/12 June 2022) FRANCE 

2) portfolio Art Basel weeks MIAMI - USA-digital exhibition (11/28/22 to 12/10/2022)

3) Digital exhibition LOS ANGELES -USA from 02/01/23 to 02/15/23 with ARTBOXY. ART LAB Gallery.

4) Digital exhibition NEW YORK -USA (04/17/23 to 04/26/23 with ARTBOXY.  BIG Apple Gallery.Nolita - Manatthan

5) Digital art exhibition BASELweek 2.0 SWITZERLAND from 06/15/23 to 06/18/23 with ARTBOXY.

6) International mixed exhibition  VENICE - ITALY from 08/12 to 22/2023 with ARTBOXY  Cipriarte gallery- 

7) International Contemporary Art Exhibition ART3f MONACO -Fontvieille.                            (August 25/26/27, 2023)

8) MIAMI ART  Basel Weeks. Contemporary Digital Art Exhibition.   MIAMI USA       (06 to 10/12/2023).

9)  Digital Exhibition of Contemporary Art ANDAKULOVA Gallery    -  DUBAI -  (United Arab Emirates) from 01/12/2023 to 31/12/2023

10) International Contemporary Art Exhibition.  Art3f. BARCELONA    Montjuic. (05/06/07.    April 2024). 
11) Art Fair of MARBELLA - international art fair  Andalusia SPAIN.(23 to        05/25/2024). 

Application for Thomson ARTPRIZE 2024 ZUG.   SWITZERLAND

Artistic approach

Go on increasing my artistic production and start exhibitions in different galleries. Get to know artists to share our tastes in painting and share them with different audiences. Then subsequently put the various paintings on sale digitally.


My  Course: 

Immersed in the artistic environment (painting and sculptures) since early childhood! I passed a lot of time observing my father who painted or photographed what he saw. Himself from a family of artists, his maternal grandfather (Gaston Herbault) being himself a student of Eugene Delacroix. He created the patterns of silk fabrics that my mother would later wear as a dress or a suit! She was her ambassador in Switzerland, Germany and Holland. And when she no longer wore them, I would take scissors to make dresses suitable for her. my child size!!! I was 6 years old, I loved silk dresses with floral patterns!!! Then I opted for for drawing, hours in class at scribble or caricature whoever was teaching!!! My father gave me some basic lessons including oil pastels!! But classical education remained his priority. It was important to study. Drawing remained a pleasure!
life went by and I decided to move on. initially, to study nursing which I abandoned after a year, to devote myself to nursing. my medical studies which very quickly absorbed and fascinated me. I traveled, I practiced medicine. I pursued my profession as a doctor with passion. As time passed, this pleasure that I had buried under family and other obligations reappeared. People had the misfortune to tell me that I liked what I painted or drew! Since then, I enrolled in Fine Arts, I learned painting at home. oil, I trained myself in dry pastels, I swallowed it. hours of painting and drawing! I have never felt so good! I became 10 years younger but I never gave up. my initial job: Doctor: caring, listening, observing others. Painting: healing your soul and bringing color to your life his life . Two beautiful complementary and inseparable passions!




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