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Giving a contemporary work for Christmas
offrir-une-oeuvre-contemporaine-a-noel - ARTACTIF
December 2021 | Reading time: 11 Min | 0 Comment(s)

The festive season is approaching and no matter what happens in the news, it is always important to celebrate this special time of the year with family and friends. And Christmas means gifts, of course! Do you like contemporary art? Or someone you know well is a fan? Why not give art to your loved ones for Christmas? Giving a contemporary creation is the assurance of an original and unique gift. And it's also an opportunity to introduce your loved ones to new talented artists!

Give a contemporary work as a Christmas gift

Whether you're short of gift ideas or not, giving art as a Christmas gift is always a good idea! Your loved ones who are already art lovers and/or collectors will be delighted to receive a work of art for Christmas, but it can also be a totally unexpected surprise for a relative, friend or colleague who is new to the field. Why not give a street art-inspired piece to a cousin who's into skateboarding culture, or a piece with a Zen vibe and soft colours for a friend who loves interior design and feng shui, for example.
You don't have to be a great connoisseur to appreciate an original work of art and display it at home! A contemporary work of art is an ideal gift because it is a unique, authentic object that allows you to stand out from the usual commercial objects that are sometimes a bit cliché... Choosing to offer art is choosing a thoughtful, personalised and sincere gift that will leave a lasting impression on the mind of the person who receives it.

Find out about the recipient's tastes to make the right choice

Isn't it said that tastes and colours are not debatable? Because it is well known that they vary greatly from one person to another and what will seem sublime to one person may completely repel another. This is why, before offering a contemporary painting or a sculpture, you need to have a quick idea of his or her tastes. If it's someone you know inside out, it's easy... but for an acquaintance or a colleague, for example, it's not so obvious and you may have to do a little investigating!
What is their favourite colour? Does this person prefer cold or warm atmospheres? Does he or she have a penchant for the abstract or the fantastic, or does he or she prefer more classical or at least real-life models? Has she ever mentioned that she is more interested in painting, photography, sculpture or diverted everyday objects? These are all questions whose answers will help you to sort through all the works available on the market and avoid making too many mistakes, even if art adapts to everyone! In any case, the person receiving the gift will be able to see that you have put some thought and attention into it and will be all the more touched by your approach.

And for those who are more hesitant, why not think about a gift voucher?

Finding the perfect gift is easy on ArtActif where you can choose a work from the thousands of original and unique contemporary creations available on the site. And if you're not sure what the person you're giving the gift to likes, why not think about a gift voucher to give them a choice? At ArtActif, we take care of everything! You can order a gift voucher by determining the amount you wish to set and by including a message for the recipient. The recipient can then choose the work of art that suits him/her best and, after checking its availability, it will be sent to him/her free of charge.

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