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Buying a contemporary art painting is becoming more and more accessible
lachat-dun-tableau-dart-contemporain-de-plus-en-plus-accessible - ARTACTIF
January 2022 | Reading time: 8 Min | 0 Comment(s)

We've all asked ourselves the question: where do you buy art? Whether you are an insider or an amateur, when you think of buying art, you think of galleries. Except that today art is no longer limited to its traditional framework. Of course, galleries, exhibitions, fairs and vernissages all have their place in the acquisition of contemporary art. But now the purchase of art also has its place on the Internet. The sale of art online is part of a growing trend and this phenomenon goes beyond the mere transfer to the net of physical sales slowed down by the health crisis. It is an entire profession that is changing: the future of the art market is shifting towards digital.

Buying art 2.0

Online sales are on the rise in all areas, all sectors, whatever the product. We buy clothes, we book holidays, we order food. So why should art escape this transition to digital. Certainly the emotions are not the same through a screen, but the process is easier. Who has never been afraid of being judged or felt oppressed when entering a gallery? The purchase of an art work is thus made easier and this ease of acquisition makes art more accessible. Amateur and connoisseur alike can discover artists, fall in love with works of art, and find the painting or sculpture of their dreams without having to leave their homes. Buying art has never been so easy and the possibilities of finding a work of art to one's taste are multiplying. The Internet provides access to a wealth of art to satisfy even more art lovers. At the same time, it makes it easier for artists to get known and to exhibit their work. Thanks to online sales, the purchase of works of art is becoming more democratic and open, whatever the audience.

Buying a painting in complete security

The art sector is not immune to the abuses of online sales. Increased vigilance and additional information are therefore recommended to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Checking the authenticity, the origin of the work, its dimensions, etc. is necessary. Buying a work of art yes, being ripped off no. Where advice from gallery owners or exhibitors is a strong point when buying in person, customer opinions can compensate when buying a work online. Reference sites in the field should be sought out and favoured before any payment. Making art more accessible is therefore possible by taking the time to do some checking.

The ARTactif site responds to all these precautions by proposing an almost exhaustive list of the names of men and women who sign works of art in France. This vast directory of painters, visual artists, photographers, draughtsmen or even ceramists also has an undeniable advantage for buyers: it brings together in one place a rich and varied choice of more than 300,000 works. You will find what you are looking for every time.