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The undisputed maestro: the artist who has left his mark on world art history
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November 2023 | Reading time: 13 Min | 0 Comment(s)

The history of art is a vast canvas woven from talent and creativity. Over the centuries, many artists have left their indelible mark on this canvas, but we often ask ourselves: Who is the best-known artist, the one who has left his or her mark on the history of art throughout the world up to the present day? It's a complex question, because it involves juggling subjective criteria such as fame, influence and the duration of their impact. However, one name invariably emerges at the top of this discussion: Leonardo da Vinci.


Leonardo da Vinci: a universal artist

Leonardo da Vinci, born on 15 April 1452 in Italy, is without doubt the most versatile and universal artist in the history of art. His fame spans the ages, and he remains a household name throughout the world, even five centuries after his death in 1519. But what makes Leonardo da Vinci such an exceptional artist?


Leonardo's versatility:

Leonardo da Vinci was much more than just a painter. He was an inventor, an engineer, a scientist and a visionary thinker. His sketchbooks are full of innovative ideas in fields ranging from anatomy and botany to engineering and aviation. His works of art, notably the "Mona Lisa" and "The Last Supper", remain among the most famous and studied in the world.

La Cène - Léonardo De Vinci

The Last Supper

Incredible influence:

Leonardo da Vinci laid the foundations of the Italian Renaissance and inspired generations of artists to come. His painting techniques, such as sfumato (a subtle blurring effect), revolutionised the art of painting. His anatomical studies contributed to a better understanding of the human body. His sketchbook, the Codex Leicester, was sold at auction for 30.8 million dollars in 1994, testifying to the inestimable value of his legacy.


Mystery and the Renaissance:

The "Mona Lisa", with her enigmatic smile, continues to fascinate art lovers the world over. The work has become emblematic, symbolising the very essence of art. Her image has been reproduced, parodied and studied exhaustively, but she retains her aura of mystery and intrigue.

La Joconde - Léonardo De Vinci

The Mona Lisa

Eternal controversy

Of course, the question of who is the most famous and influential artist cannot be decided without provoking passionate debate. There are other eminent names too, such as Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, to name but a few. Each of these artists has left a profound mark on the history of art, but they may not have achieved the same universality as Leonardo da Vinci.


The artist for the ages

All in all, the debate about the most famous artist to have shaped the history of art worldwide up to the present day can be subject to diverse opinions. However, when you consider the versatility, enduring influence and mystique that surrounds his work, it's hard to deny that Leonardo da Vinci deserves his place at the top of this discussion. His art transcends the boundaries of time and geography, continuing to inspire and captivate generations of art lovers the world over.

Ultimately, art is a deeply personal and subjective experience, and everyone can have their own favourite artist. What is undeniable is that Leonardo da Vinci is a name that will live forever in the annals of art history, an undisputed maestro who left an indelible mark on the art world.



- Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci, by Lattanzio Querena (1768-1853) © Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images. © DeAgostini / D. DAGLI ORTI / Getty Images.

- The Mona Lisa - Leonardo da Vinci - front, recto, avers, avant; general view; view without frame © 2017 RMN-Grand Palais (musée du Louvre) / Stéphane Maréchalle

- The Last Supper - Leonardo da Vinci



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