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"We won!"
on-a-gagne - ARTACTIF
November 2023 | Reading time: 8 Min | 0 Comment(s)

ARTactif represents the Grand Est region in its category at the 2023 Trophées PME RMC.

ARTactif's dynamism and innovative character were not lost on the judges of the Trophées PME RMC: the Strasbourg-based company has just been awarded the regional prize for "Digital Transformation", as "the only marketplace to offer a platform with an AI search engine, and which offers a range of services to help artists".

The awards ceremony took place at the Nancy Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 12 October 2023, in the presence of all the Grand Est winners competing in this 14th edition of the Trophées PME RMC. Jean-Luc Kopp, who took over France's leading online art sales website in 2018, and the man behind Genius, the artificial intelligence tool that gave the first directory of contemporary artists, devised in 1995, a serious facelift, received the award on behalf of the entire ARTactif team. At the same time, he entered the race for the RMC SME Trophies at national level, with a €100,000 advertising budget on RMC!

Jean-Luc KOPP

Each year, France's leading SME competition gives the region's economic players the chance to apply in one of seven categories: "Artisanal", "Creative and Innovative", "Made in France", "Young Start-up", "Sustainable, Supportive and Eco-responsible", "Digital Transformation" and "Special SME of the Year".

The idea behind the competition, which has been run since its inception by journalist and presenter Apolline de Malherbe, who also hosts the RMC morning show, is to put the spotlight on small and medium-sized businesses, which play an active part in France's economic dynamism... but which are so discreet that they are not necessarily always highly valued. ARTactif is one of them. So it's about time the spotlight shone on this completely innovative art site, which focuses resolutely on all professional artists and passionate amateurs... where other players in the art market focus mainly on buyers. While the personalised selection of works of art by artificial intelligence is the most spectacular of the innovations implemented by ARTactif since the total overhaul of its site, it is far from the only one!

See you in Paris on 30 November for the final ceremony of the Trophées PME RMC, which will bring together the winners from each category and region. Drum roll... and the winner is...

Stay tuned!


Valibri en RoulotteArticle written by Valibri en Roulotte

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