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Nathalie du Pasquier : This artist of whom there is so much to say
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June 2021 | Reading time: 4 Min | 0 Comment(s)

The article on the brightly coloured and invigorating world of this painter, designer, sculptor, decorator and architect is reason enough in itself to buy this month's issue of Connaissance des Arts. No less. And why? Because it doesn't just offer us images of Nathalie Pasquier's installations with a vitality and simplicity that is half pop, half clear line.

The text that describes and explains Pasquier's work is quite simply exemplary. It gives the intelligence of this deceptively limpid art and provides a thousand reasons to love it. Well-considered reference points are provided. Like de Chirico and his "metaphysical strangeness" or Domenico Gnoli and his "subterranean" humour or, of course, the Memphis movement, which came together to break down the boundaries between disciplines around the "master" Sottsass. But it is above all when it comes to the works of Nathalie Pasquier that one encounters all that one would expect from an art critic. We are invited to see the "heterogeneous and composite" universe of the artist as "an immense game of construction in situ", "a sort of great "self-citation". Above all, we are invited to find this invitation brilliant.

Exhibitions: until 20 June at MACRo in Rome and soon at the Collection Lambert in Avignon

Visual: Totem (ceramic)


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