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In April in Parisian art galleries
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June 2024 | Reading time: 19 Min | 0 Comment(s)

About exhibitions by artists who are on the rise on the contemporary art market.

Can't travel at the moment? Do you still want to get an idea of what’s currently popular on the contemporary art market? Thanks to L'Oeil magazine, I invite you here to take a little tour of the Parisian art galleries, where photographers are particularly in the spotlight this month of April.

Until May 19, works of art for sale by Takesada Matsutani occupy the 800 m2 of the Parisian space of the mega Swiss art gallery Hauser et Wirth, installed since last October in a former mansion in the 8th arrondissement. “A major figure in international contemporary art, the artist born in 1937 was an eminent member of Gutai, a Japanese avant-garde movement active from 1963 until the group's dissolution in 1972,” reminds us Anne-Charlotte Michaut.

The “visual haikus” of Annette Messager, characteristic of the work of the French visual artist since the 1970s, are brought together in the exhibition “Laisser aller”, visible until May 11 at the Marian Goodman gallery, in the 3rd arrondissement. A great way to discover or rediscover the fascinating universe of the artist, where the morbid is always tinged with spirituality and humor, with works of art for sale from €10,000.

Do you want people? For the 70th birthday of the Swiss artist Michel Comte, the Andres Thalmann art gallery, in the 8th arrondissement, is bringing together until May 25 photographs that he took in Paris during the 1990s, notably for Vogue or as part of a campaign carried out at the Ritz for Chanel. “We discover or rediscover his portraits of Catherine Deneuve, Yves Saint Laurent and Carla Bruni but also of many other personalities such as Mickey Rourke, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell,” tells us journalist Christine Coste. Because Michel Comte was then “a photographer prized by the fashion world, also prized for his other favorite themes such as landscape and the nude before turning to documentaries, in particular for the International Red Cross and going in conflict zones. » You can acquire a work of art signed Michel Comte between €8,500 and €56,000.

It is a collective exhibition which runs until May 11 at the Thaddaeus Ropac gallery in Pantin, in 93. “Re-enchantment” brings together ten artists of varied origins, most of them born in the 1980s, “including the practices demonstrate a momentum towards the re-enchantment of the world,” announces the room sheet. Let us cite the dreamlike paintings of the American Ariana Papademetropoulos, a mineral installation by the South African visual artist Bianca Bondi, or even works on paper by the Haitian artist Manuel Mathieu, “evoking the Duvalier dictatorship in Haiti while celebrating power spirituality of art,” specifies Anne-Charlotte Michaut. And as there is something for everyone, there is also (almost) something for every budget: the price of works of art for sale ranges from €2,000… to €100,000.

“Louis Soutter. Finger painting”: the title of the exhibition visible until May 4 at the Karsten Greve gallery, in the 3rd arrondissement, says what it means. For this second retrospective in Paris devoted to Louis Soutter (1871-1942), the art gallery is this time focusing on his paintings and finger drawings. A cycle that he began in 1936, almost thirteen years after his placement in a hospice for the elderly and the needy in the Vaudois Jura. As he then suffers from joint osteoarthritis and is almost blind, this technique will simply allow him to continue to express his emotions in an immediate and intense manner. A catalog accompanies this moving exhibition bringing together 14 works of art for sale and 5 photographic portraits of Louis Soutter by Theo Frey, whose prices range from €380,000 to €750,000.

“For her first solo exhibition at the Olivier Waltman gallery, Cristina Escobar designed a project linking stories of recent exoduses with those of the working conditions in a bygone era in an industrial town in the Vosges,” explains journalist Christine Coste, for talk about the exhibition “Cristina Escobar. Between the lines without words” which was visible until April 13 in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. “Exile, borders, memory, nostalgia, loss and violence are at the heart of the work of the artist born in 1977 in Cuba and living in France since 2001. Stories told to her, words that she collects, sculptures, installations and works on paper are born, minimalist, refined, evoking individual and collective stories. » Works of art on paper are for sale between €2,500 and €5,000, while to buy sculptures or installations, you will have to pay €8,000 to €50,000.

The Thaddaeus Ropac art gallery in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris very wisely invited the British publisher of Ghanaian origin, Edward Enninful, an emblematic figure in the fashion world, to explore the archives of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation to design an exhibition visible until April 6 dedicated to the famous photographer. For his first project as an exhibition curator, the former editor-in-chief of British Vogue was able to broaden the vision we usually have of Mapplethorpe, combining his photographs of fashion, artists, celebrities, flowers or self-portraits in pairs , or even three or four, and all developed in the same format, to offer another level of narration. Each work of art being sold for €9,198 and €160,965.

In the category of young contemporary artist with the wind in his sails and whose works of art it would be better to hurry up to buy before they become unaffordable, we have Benoît Piéron, born in 1983 and who we have already seen at the Pernod Ricard Corporate Foundation, at the Palais de Tokyo or at the Bourse de Commerce… Do the little piles of hospital sheets with big eyes mean anything to you? Well it's him. He whose intimate experience of illness and hospital stays marked his childhood so much that he turned it into a work of art. He whose patchworks, stuffed animals and assemblages are now recognizable at first glance and whose Sultana art gallery sold works from €3,500 to €28,000 during the “Benoît Piéron. Rice powder”, which she dedicated to him until April 20.

Finally, Valérie Jouve's new black and white photographs were exhibited at the Xippas gallery in the 3rd arrondissement, also until April 20, demonstrating that since her installation in the south of Aveyron, the artist has continued her reading the world with deep and magnificent sobriety. His works of art are sold between €9,600 and €17,000. And she doesn't even need to live in Paris anymore.


Valibri en RoulotteArticle written by Valibri in Roulotte

Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay


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