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How to estimate the value of a work and set a fair price?
comment-estimer-la-valeur-dune-oeuvre-et-fixer-son-juste-prix - ARTACTIF
September 2021 | Reading time: 10 Min | 1 Comment(s)

A work of art has no real practical use; it cannot be compared to everyday utilitarian objects such as a car or a piece of furniture whose cost can be easily evaluated. A work of art is rather an object to which we will have a more emotional relationship. Do we not say that works of art have a soul or an aura? Moreover, art is by definition subjective. A work of art will not have the same value in the eyes of one buyer or another, or even in the eyes of the artist, because there is a large element of emotion involved.

On this basis, gauging the value of a work of art is complicated. Nevertheless, like any marketable product, the work is subject to the famous law of the market governed by the relationship between supply and demand and must therefore have a defined price. The artist is totally free to set the price he or she wishes. However, if he wants to sell and live from his art, his price must be in line with the market.

Estimation criteria

The artist can use certain tangible criteria to try to determine the price at which he wants to sell his work. First of all, the cost of the material used, which can fluctuate greatly depending on the type of work, but also the complexity of the technique used, the complexity of the subject, the time spent working on it and its format. But other points also come into play in the process of determining the price of the work, such as the artist's training (amateur or art school graduate) and reputation, as well as the market in which he or she operates (local, regional, national, international).

In addition to all this, the market price must also be taken into account, i.e. the rates usually charged for a more or less equivalent work. And for this, it is necessary to obtain information by making a sort of benchmark of the "competition"... This is why defining a price for one's works can be a real headache. Because when you don't have the time or the knowledge to do this evaluation, you are tempted to put a random price. But this is not the best way to sell your work.

ARTactif's service

The first French site for the sale of art on line and with more than 20 years of experience in the field, ARTactif.com offers a valuation service by an expert. Whether it is for an artist to obtain an evaluation of the right price to sell his creations (paintings, drawings, collages, photos, sculptures or jewels...) or for a private individual to have a work in your possession estimated, ARTactif can answer all requests.

Access to this expertise is very easy and quick, on line on the ARTactif site. You just have to fill in a form mentioning the title of the work, its dimensions and a quick description, then upload at least one front photo and if possible other photos of the back of the work, the signature, details and/or the invoice or a certificate. These elements are then carefully studied and an answer is sent within 48 to 72 hours, confidentially, with the critical comment and the recommended selling price by the experts of ARTactif. This estimate does not impose anything on the applicant, who then remains free to sell his work or not at this price. However, it gives an objective idea of its value on the art market and therefore optimises its chances of selling.