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Sofia Bianchini | class 1970

When I was a child, in primary school, but also in high school, I stood out for my skills in drawing (freehand and technical) and in literature. My essays and my drawings were in the other classes as examples from which to draw inspiration ... As a teenager, I didn't spend much time with boys and girls my age. I spent my free time painting, listening to music and writing poetry ... 

All this is as if he had suddenly awakened in 2015.

Born in Rome, I live and work in Todi, in my beautiful Umbria, Italy.  I graduated in Foreign Languages ​​in 1989 and obtained my Master in Graphics - design & Communication from Cavendish College in London in 1992.

In the mid-nineties, back in Italy, I came into contact with the world of artists who orbit Todi. Due to my outstanding organizational skills, I was Bruno Ceccobelli's personal assistant for one year. In 1995 I began my collaboration with Beverly Pepper for which I take care of public relations, communication, image and graphics and I follow the organization of exhibitions and events for her and with her all over the world. This bond with Beverly never ends until her recent passing in February 2020.

During the over 20 years spent with her, as in a studio-laboratory, an art academy, but also a school "of life" I have the concrete opportunity to get so close and penetrate the world and the way of contemporary art, digital art, photography, which begin to become my tools of communication and expression.

All the teaching and the incredible experiences gained in the field have been so useful, I would say fundamental, for all the personal and professional jobs and projects that I have carried out since today. All that flow of art, techniques, notions, wonder have been food for my soul, inspiration for my work.

Meanwhile, in 2000 I founded 1000e20 | OneThousandEvents production, the multifaceted agency that deals with communication, image consulting, restyling and events. And it is here, in this context of important organizations that I transfer part of the artistic and creative teachings, and even my laid tables become artist's canvases, graphic projects: paintings. Promotional videos: poetry.

It was precisely in those years of great artistic stimulus that after having made several photo shoots and advertising campaigns for local companies, I approach the world of restyling and in August 2015 I signed a consultancy for a total look restyle of a villa in Umbria. In the two years that follow the design and construction phases, I completely immerse myself in the project and create ad-hoc decorative panels in digital art. My art skills are awakening…

Thus I begin, almost by chance, a new path of life, giving vent and full freedom to everything that in almost 30 years of profound relationship with the world of artists, and art in general, have matured in me.

Since 2010 I am the personal assistant of the gallery owner – art collector, Joseph Helman. In the last ten years, I also owe him privileged teachings from the world of art and collecting. He, like a well from which to drink wisdom, culture and incredible experiences every day, was among the first to push me further, to stimulate me to start creating "my own works".

My artwork is nothing more than the result of the work I've always done: combining elements. The fundamental difference is that now what I create is the result of my ideas and my own experiences, without commission - without borders - without filters. The techniques and tools I use have been familiar to me for over 25 years.

My first "exhibition" materializes during a competition for an international showcase of contemporary photography - LensCulture in 2018, in the competion: ArtPhotography Award - with Marmo unexpectedly seeing me as one of the protagonist in the selection of the best projects, recommended by an international jury of industry experts.

My participation in the contest ends with unexpected and timely feedbacks, and the inclusion in a photographic book by international photographer and curator William Ewing. This project will see the light finally in 2022 and launched in London at the Flowers Gallery. The publication, by Thames & Hudson, Flora Photographica, spectacular and unexpected, offers a definitive overview of one of contemporary photography's most innovative fields, showcasing flower imagery by more than 120 of the world's leading contemporary practitioners.

In 2020, during Covid-19 I am invited to participate to the art-collection by Luciano Benetton: Imago Mundi - Art Theorema 3, Galleria delle Prigioni Treviso, and I am now part of the whole collection.

If I had to describe my work…

Traces of Human Unnatural History, like Breath if you can, like Idioma 2019-20, like Marmo 2018 before it and diver-sea Shanghai 2015, are the result of a juxtaposition of layers and levels. Cultural and experiential layers, emotional and character levels, photographs and imagery, colors and shapes: my great passion for history and geography, the study of social multicultural experience, art and the overwhelming beauty of nature, cultural traditions, languages, roots, maps: both mental and geographical, mazes and puzzles.

Everything in my works is laid, one element on top of the other ... until it merges into a single design. What emerges is my voice.

For my participation to the Festival of Arts 2020 in Todi Umbria, which sees me among the protagonists of the OUT OF TIME section with the project IDIOMA 19 | 20 - in the form of a video projection, Joe Helman wrote:

IDIOMA 19|20

“The work of Sofia, which I have observed in progress, is very compelling, beautiful. Somehow she manages to bring the stone more life, strength and expressiveness. Colorization of the marble with her surprising textures animate and awaken her subjects. For me, it isn't so much about the microcosm of any particular place.  However, there is a universal human content, which is pervasive. And touching!”

Joe Helman

Artistic approach



Flight Attendant Competition | Alitalia spa, Rome – Italy.


Diploma – graduation in Foreign Languages ​​| Experimental Linguistic High School Pievaiola – Perugia,                                                                  Italy State competition | studies in tourism subjects (travel agencies, ticketing, incoming tourism, DMC, tourist reception) Perugia – Italy.


Course in Visual Merchandising at Benetton Spa, Pescara – Italy


Master in graphic design and advertising communication | Cavendish College for graphic design and advertisement Tottenham Court Road – London – UK.


Diploma of Master Window Dresser | AVI, Italian Academy of Window Dressing, Rome – Italy.


2014 (in progress)

DIGITAL ART, she begins her personal journey as a digital artist and participates in international art-photography competitions and competitions such as Lensculture, which she won critical acclaim in 2019 with MARMO, and Lifeframer.

2011 (in progress)                     

JOSEPH HELMAN – TODI + ROMA + NEW YORK she is personal assistant of gallerist and art dealer Joseph Helman

2000 (in progress)                      

1000e20 | OneThousandEvents production – TODI She opens the event planning agency 1000e20 | OneThousandEvents production and is its director, gaining in over 20 years the consent, above all, of foreign and local private clients. Thanks to the experience perfected over the years in international tourist welcoming, concierge services, it boasts assistance in the preparation and reception of foreign groups looking for the planning of their events, including the first wedding, in 1998 of actress Julia Ormond.  Within the multifaceted agency, which has a group specialized in the planning of tailor-made events, and thanks to experience in the field in the artistic, tourism, organizational and management fields, she takes care of the various stages of planning and execution, both planning, than of budgetary and logistical techniques, and above all of the purely artistic and research part. Over the years and with the experience gained, she has organized private parties, product launches, advertising and marketing campaigns, graphic projects and image restyling for individuals and companies, fashion shows and reportages, weddings, corporate dinners, exhibitions and international fairs of contemporary art, shootings, backstages & photographic settings, historical and thematic reinactions, increasingly specializing in storytelling.

1998 – 2015              


For the aforementioned companies, she deals with the coordination and management of holiday villas, castles, period residences, in Umbria and Tuscany. High-level international tourism, summer season only. Throughout the year, she promotes and organizes special events, guided tours, company dinners, etiquette courses, cooking courses, pottery courses, meetings, weddings.

1995 (in progress)                     

FREELANCE – graphic projects and image consultancy. Art catalogues, corporate identity, logos, brochures, video promotion, storytelling.

1995 – 2004              


She is manager and assistant of the American sculptor Beverly Pepper. The assignments and field experiences gained within the artistic studio include:

Filing and organization of photographic archives. Public relations. Collaboration with advertising studios, architecture studios, galleries, national and international museums in conjunction with environmental projects, exhibitions, installations and other events. Graphic designs and layouts for catalogues, invitations, advertising posters and flyers. Assistance in setting up and organizing exhibitions and events including:

Beverly Pepper A Forte Belvedere_1998 Firenze; Fattoria di Celle Unrealized Projects_1999 Pistoia; Omaggio al Triangolo. Spazio Thetis_1999 Venezia; Gardens of Palais Royal_1999 Parigi; Beverly Pepper at Galerie Piece Unique_2000 Parigi; Grounds for sculpture_2000 Hamilton, New Jersey USA; Marlborough Gallery - Chelsea_2001 New York; Basel art fair_ 2003 Basilea

She was called by the American artist again in 2017 to take care of the image and graphics of the new Beverly Pepper tra Todi e il Mondo (a year of events) and for the Beverly Pepper Projects Foundation, of which she is still an external consultant.

1995 – 1996              


She graduated as Master Window Dresser. making the best maquette of the course with a Cartier showcase: Jurassic s”parks”.

She is the personal assistant of Master Window Dresser G. Parmella in the fitting out of points of sale and boutiques in Via Condotti – Rome and began her experience as a free-lance window dresser for shops in central Italy.

1994 – 1995              

In the same year she was the personal assistant of the artist Bruno Ceccobelli in his studio in Todi.


1991 – 1993  As soon as she completed her studies in Languages ​​and passed the exam for the flight attendant competition - Alitalia Spa; after 3 years of experience at BENETTON spa; she moved to London – UK where she lived for approx. 2 years, first as an au-pair in a family, then as a student at Cavendish College of Graphic Design and Advertising where she graduated in 1992 and achieved top scores for 3 graphic projects: – POSTER AD for British Museum | Ancient Greece; ONE-PAGE MAGAZINE for Cartier and a proposal for a Greenpeace logo.



She is responsible and manager of 6 Benetton stores in Umbria. Preparation and assistance to personnel, window dressing, warehouse, visual merchandising, in-store promotion, accounting.

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LensCulture ArtPhotography award - MARMO Amongst the editors favourites
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IMAGO MUNDI | ART THEOREMA #3 Galleria Delle Prigioni Treviso Italy | MARMO is selected
FLORA PHOTOGRAPHICA - Curated by William Ewing and Danae Panchaud - Published by Thames and Hudson with marmo #58 amongst over 100 artists all over the world

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